7 Attention-grabbing Methods To Embody Kiwi In Your Monsoon Weight loss plan (Recipes Inside)

It’s that time again. Monsoon is all about hot, spicy, and guilty goodies. In the midst of all these things, we often fail to eat foods that are actually good for our body. However, if you want to increase the vitamin C content in your diet, we have an easy solution for you. Kiwi is a tasty and easy answer to all of your monsoon immunity needs. As a good source of vitamin C, it helps remove unstable molecules from the body, also known as free radicals. The fruit is also loaded with several essential nutrients that benefit our overall health. So pack kiwi and say goodbye to fatigue and other seasonal illnesses during the rainy season.

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Here we bring some unique and fun ways to add kiwifruit to your daily diet and get the most of it:

1. Cucumber and kiwi juice:

Try this refreshing drink that combines the coolness of cucumber with the tart taste of kiwi. Add some ginger for extra flavor and sprinkle bean sprouts on top of the drink.

2. Kiwi Phirni:

Try this delicious desi dessert with a tangy kiwi punch. This perfectly sweet dessert is flavored with saffron and cardamom and can be made within 45 minutes. It is the ideal way to end a hearty meal.

3. Pomegranate and kiwi salad:

This healthy and colorful salad consists of crispy sweet pomegranate seeds and juicy kiwi slices. These are mixed with a little orange juice and refreshing mint leaves. This refreshing salad can be prepared in around 20 minutes.

4. Kiwi bread halwa:

Do you have bread in your pantry? Then try this recipe and give your classic halva a twist. This delicious dessert bowl will satisfy your sweet tooth in less than 40 minutes.

5. Mint and kiwi lemonade:

This refreshingly tasty drink is the perfect cool down you need. Mix some tart kiwi with zesty lemon and refreshing mint leaves and sip away.

6. Kiwi and black olive dumplings:

Try this unique recipe that uses deliciously juicy kiwi with black olives soaked in brine in a soft wheat wrapper. Make this dumpling today and impress everyone at the dining table!

7. Moong Dal Kiwi Coconut Soup:

This is a healthy and wholesome dish that is served in a bowl. Here, protein-rich Moong Dal is seasoned with cumin, garlic and peppercorn and then mixed with sweet and creamy coconut milk with a tangy, tangy kiwi punch. Delicious indeed!

Let us know in the comments below which of these delicious kiwi recipes you enjoyed the most.

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