Arla Meals launches better-tasting whey protein hydrolysate for medical dietary supplements

Arla Foods is launching a whey protein hydrolyzate with an improved flavor profile for medical nutritional supplements.

Arla Foods Ingredients (Basking Ridge, NJ) has launched WPH Lacprodan DI-3091, a fully hydrolyzed whey protein for medical supplements that overcomes taste challenges in products for patients with maldigestion or malabsorption. In addition to a high content of essential amino acids, di- and tripeptides, it offers a significantly better taste profile than comparable products.

“WPH Lacprodan DI-3091 offers all the benefits of whey protein hydrolyzate, including the rapid absorption of nutrients,” said Kasper Faarkrog Høyer, Sales Development Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, in a press release. “What sets it apart is that it combines these benefits with a far better taste than similar ingredients. This means a more comfortable experience for patients, which is especially important given the profound consequences of poor nutritional compliance during recovery. “

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