Assessment: Cynthia Watros is spotlighted in Maurice Benard’s ‘State of Thoughts’ podcast on psychological well being

Cynthia Watros as Nina in General Hospital. Photo credit: Walt Disney Television, Todd Wawrychuk

On October 3, Emmy Award-winning actress Cynthia Watros was spotlighted on Maurice Benard’s State of Mind podcast on mental health. Digital Journal has the summary.

Watros talked about growing up in Michigan and realizing I wanted to be an actress. She talked about playing Annie on “Guiding Light,” which later earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, and she talked about joining the cast of “Lost” on season two. She is open to me about DUI, along with the mental health problems in her family and how she helps her daughters deal with it.

She admitted that growing up her past may have been a “rocky road” but it helped strengthen her character. She is grateful for her experience with soap operas as they “teach you to make decisions and decisions very quickly”.

Benard’s entire informed conversation with Cynthia Watros is shown below.

Three-time Emmy winner Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos (and “Mike” while he had amnesia), praised Watros for being “a gem” in the Mike / Nixon Falls story in the hit daily drama “General Hospital” .

“I love that act,” Watros admitted. “I love the complexity and the confusion, because that’s how we are humans, we all make mistakes and are not all perfect,” she explained.

“I love you so much … you are so nice and talented,” she said of Benard, sharing that the whole process was very organic.

“I’m so grateful that I got to do it with you,” she said of the plot. “You are a rock,” she exclaimed over Benard. “You ground us all and make us better just because of your talent and who you are as a person.”

In addition to playing Nina on General Hospital, Benard said Watros is also known for starring Erin Fitzpatrick on Titus, Kellie on The Drew Carey Show, Annie on Guiding Light and Libby Smith on To play “Lost”.

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