Assist Level: West Sussex Thoughts launches new Assist Level for psychological well being help, working by a single telephone quantity

The new Help Point team is based in Southwick but covers areas across West Sussex with staff and volunteers ready to take calls and emails to provide people with the psychological support most appropriate to them.

The Help Point is currently open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but the Worthing-based charity is recruiting additional volunteers to extend hours.

When people call the Help Point on 0300 303 5652, the team at Corner House on Southwick Street listens and discusses their needs. They will not make judgments or tell people what to do.

The team can share your details with the West Sussex Mind Mental Health Restoration Team, give you advice on wellness, show you where to find videos and information so that you can help yourself, talk through a diagnosis or tell you about treatments or Inform support possibilities or available in the community.

West Sussex Mind says that if details are shared with the mental health recovery team, they will attempt to contact you within three business days to arrange your first one-on-one session. This session can be in person or by phone or video call.

Help Point Manager Abbie Wraige, Center, with the Southwick team

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