Coconut is useful to a nutritious diet because it incorporates essential minerals

Coconut is beneficial for a healthy diet. Image: pexels

COCONUT is a fruit that, according to the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition (FEN), can be very beneficial to a healthy diet.

The coconut is a tropical fruit that is distinguished by its characteristic smell and taste, which among other things has led to its being used as an ingredient in many baked goods, beverages or yogurts, but not many people really know that coconut is rich in Fiber and minerals, in addition to other nutritional benefits, although it is also high in saturated fat.

According to the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition (FEN), the main benefits of using coconut in a diet are fiber, iron, selenium and potassium, but they suggest that the nutritional values ​​of each one may vary depending on the degree of ripeness of the fruit at the time, with that being the Above fat was the second highest constituent after water.

Fatty acids make up about 86 percent of the total fat content of any coconut, so FEN recommends moderate consumption, which may be why coconut is consumed infrequently and in very small amounts so that it can be eaten fresh does not pose a health risk; It also enriches our diet with nutrients, flavors and aromas ”.

Another notable feature of the coconut is that its total caloric value of 373 kcal per 100 grams of edible product is the highest of all fruits, a number that is much higher than any other fruit, while on the other hand it is low in carbohydrates and even less protein, but high in fiber, which is of course beneficial for digestion.

The presence of minerals, selenium, iron and potassium, each have their own advantages. Selenium helps maintain hair and nails under normal conditions, while iron aids in the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, with potassium helping to maintain normal blood pressure, as reported by


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