Diagnosing Strangers’ Psychological Well being On-line Parasocial

This is evident in the particular nature of what happened to Emma Chamberlain. Kate Lindsay is an internet reporter and co-founder of Embedded, an internet culture newsletter that regularly covers the world of online creators. She points out that the expectation of transparency only works up to a point where the behavior of the individual makes “sense” in the eyes of the audience. “Emma’s brand is relatable,” she tells R29, “because even though she’s gotten extremely rich, she films herself sitting around home making snacks and playing video games like a normal teenager. But then her fans started turning it around – if she’s so rich and privileged, why is she spending so much time at home? Is she depressed? Does she have an eating disorder? ”Despite Chamberlain’s candor on other cases, fans were more drawn to the conspiracy that there must be something more, something worse that she doesn’t share.

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