Dubai Health Problem: Resident, who turns 100 subsequent yr, flexes his muscle mass – Information

The rare show of strength takes place in the middle of the annual fitness and wellness celebrations

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By Mazhar Farooqui

Released: Sun Oct 31, 2021, 2:22 pm

Last update: Sun 31 Oct 2021, 2:24 pm

At the ripe old age of 99, most people could be forgiven for spending their centennial year relaxing at home, surrounded by loved ones.

However, Tehemten Homi Dhunjiboy Mehta does not believe in a sedentary lifestyle.

When the Dubai Fitness Challenge returned for its fifth edition on October 29th, the longtime resident took part in the annual celebration of fitness and wellness by flexing his muscles and pumping the iron.

“Exercise is an important part of my fitness regimen,” said the tiny Zoroastrian as he held a dumbbell in each hand and did a quick overhead press for the Khaleej Times at his Dubai Marina home before taking the metro to Expo 2020.

Mehta, who will be 100 years old in May 2022, lives alone in Dubai and has no domestic help either.

Photo: Delivered

Photo: Delivered

Some time ago he bought a cleaning robot on a whim, but the machine is still unpacked.

“In retrospect, I realized that I didn’t need the robot. I can do all of my housework myself, ”he said.

Mehta, born in Kenya in 1922 (at that time still under British rule) and of Indian descent, attributes his longevity to long walks and without all kinds of vices and excesses.

“From the age of 14 until recently, there was hardly a day on which I did not cover several kilometers on foot. I used to run from the World Trade Center to Jumeirah Creek a lot, ”said the die-hard bachelor.

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Photo: Delivered

A broken leg after a violent fall had put him out of action for several months in 2018, but he endured the pain and got back on his feet thanks to his courage and indomitable determination.

In 2019, he even had his UAE driver’s license extended until October 2023. However, the senior citizen, who last drove in 2004, is in no hurry to take to the streets because he has the feeling that cars make people lazy.

“I prefer public transport or walking, sometimes up to five hours a day,” he said.

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Photo: Delivered

On Saturday, Mehta and his girlfriend Tina Thapar took the Dubai Metro for the second time since the start of the gala event on October 1 to Expo 2020 Dubai.

“He was almost childlike. In the Turkmenistan Pavilion, he joked with people who asked him how old he was. He told them he was only 19 years old. We looked at six pavilions in four hours. I was getting tired, but he was still energized and wanted to see more, even though he was hauling a heavy bag of Dh2,500 honey that he had bought in the Oman Pavilion, ”said Thapar, who is the office manager at Al Midfa. works & Associates, a Dubai based law firm.

Thapar said she first met Mehta in 2004 when he stopped by her office to write a will.

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“I immediately took a liking to him. We have been in regular contact since then, ”she said.

All of Mehta’s old friends are long dead and Thapar is the only support he has in Dubai.

Mehta has a younger sister in the United Kingdom (UK) but dropped plans to move there after being mugged in broad daylight while visiting London a few years ago.

“Dubai is my home. It’s so safe here, ”he argued.

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Photo: Delivered

Mehta said his day starts when he wakes up around 1:30 p.m. and makes tea for himself. “I don’t sleep until 4 in the morning. So the adage ‘going to bed early to get up makes a healthy and wise person’ doesn’t work for me, ”he said with a mischievous grin.

Mehta said he doesn’t cook and the only meal he eats is a light dinner around 9pm. “I would go to a restaurant nearby or buy a ready-made meal in the supermarket. I spend the night reading or watching TV. “I love WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and could spend hours watching it. Lots of people say it’s fake, but what isn’t it? ”He thought out loud.

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