E. Danali: To make the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan the brand new life-style, the mainstream, the development


“To make unhealthy eating a luxury and not unhealthy as it has been done …In Greece we have forgotten to do what the world scientific community asks for food from the rest of the world, as we Mediterranean peoples do, given the coordinates of the place and the seasonality. “ mentioned among other things in Athens in 984 the person in charge of the Greenpeace nutrition campaign, Elena Danali.

Speaking pMargarita Mytilineou Emphasizes the importance of enriching the daily diet with pulses, fruits and vegetables in accordance with the requirements of the Mediterranean tradition, while pointing out the need to limit the consumption of meat and dairy products.

“The international scientific community comes to the same conclusion, from both an ecological and a health point of view, in in-depth studies such as those recently published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet, about the multiple benefits of a true Mediterranean diet and encourages the people who like Greeks .
So it’s worth taking a closer look at what we eat every day. To see if it is a good diet and come back to it in other ways …
It is necessary to include fruits, vegetables and legumes in the diet of children and adults in order to better hydrate the body and improve the functioning of the digestive system. he stressed.

As Ms. Danali emphasizes, the quality of the products that end up on our plate is not independent of the general agricultural policy and the prioritization of funding at national and European level.

And he explains “If we want to invest more resources, guidelines and measures in more and better quality fruits and vegetables with fewer pesticides, we have to take responsibility and take action. If politics is not pressured by society, it will not do it alone ”and industry will do it. Thus, the responsibility for the connection with the food that comes on our plate and the guidelines that affect it rests with the citizens. Through our commitment, with signatures and requests, what is happening today can change. To make the Mediterranean diet a new lifestyle, a mainstream, a trend “.

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