Excessive ldl cholesterol weight loss program: 4 Christmas meals swaps to cut back your ldl cholesterol threat

Christmas is a time when most people indulge themselves a little more than they normally would. However, for people who are at high risk for cholesterol or who have already been diagnosed with the condition, having too many treats can put their health at risk.

Swap pigs in blankets for grilled chicken skewers

Pigs in blankets are a seasonal favorite, but if you think they might show up more than once in December, it is worth considering trading them in for healthier meat on occasion.

This is because processed meats like sausage or bacon are often high in saturated fat and a lot of salt can be added.

Instead, the BHF advises looking out for unprocessed meat options.

They add, “Grilled or cold fried chicken or turkey, hard-boiled eggs, or dips with beans or legumes like hummus are healthier protein options.”

Swap cheese straws for breadsticks

Cheese straws are a traditional addition to the Christmas buffet, but while beautiful, they can be high in fat and salt.

The ingredients make cheese straws a high-calorie option.

With some brands, only one cheese straw contains a third of your daily limit of saturated fat.

The BHF states: “Instead of cheesy snacks, you should choose breadsticks that are less saturated with fat.

“If you’re having a festive gathering, make some vegetable blanks and hummus in case people want a healthy option.”

Swap schnapps butter for semi-fat créme fraiche

Brandy butter is often smothered on Christmas desserts, but it comes with extra fat, sugar, and lots of calories.

While liquor butters are great for the occasional treat, the BHF recommends looking for a slightly healthier addition to your dessert during the holiday season.

They say, “If your choice of side dishes for your mince pie or Christmas pudding is cream or brandy butter, then unless it’s Christmas time, consider using neither, as they’ll be a serving of saturated Contain fat and calories.

“When you’re in a restaurant, ask your waiter if he’ll have semi-fat crème fraiche, vanilla pudding, or low-fat plain yogurt or Greek yogurt instead.”

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