Fenty Magnificence’s Match Stix Contour Stick Is a Journey Should-have

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They say you need to be prepared for anything on your wedding day — and apparently, the advice also applies to wedding guests in addition to the people who will be walking down the aisle. This was a lesson that I learned the hard way last summer at an out-of-town wedding.

To set the scene: I was heading to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding and had planned to have my hair and makeup done ahead of the ceremony. It was a “treat myself decision” I had made weeks before the wedding so I could eliminate the stress of figuring out contouring, eye shadow blending, and all the makeup steps that I have yet to master. The appointment fell very close to the ceremony’s start time and I knew that I would have to hustle back in order to arrive on time. Keeping this in mind, I laid out my dress and shoes, packed my purse, and sorted out my accessories beforehand. One thing I didn’t plan for was the makeup artist canceling my appointment the morning of the wedding.

Doing my best to remain calm, I started taking stock of the products in my cosmetic bag. I had all of the makeup essentials (foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, and highlighter) for an everyday look, but nothing that would help me pull off something fit for a formal event. Before the panic really set in, I did a quick comb through my toiletries, and luckily, my Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick was there and ready to be of service.

As I mentioned before, I’m not the best at contouring, but Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix makes the process virtually effortless. It’s easy to blend, and the lightweight formula easily glides against the skin. The product’s stick design and rounded shape give you controlled application so you can pinpoint exactly where you want to contour, whether it be your cheekbones, forehead, or tricky spots like the sides of your nose. I even added a couple of sweeps to the creases of my eyelids to create a simple eyeshadow look, and then I used a little blush on the center to tie it all together.

But it’s the Match Stix’s matte finish that makes it a must-have makeup bag. The cream-to-powder formula allows it to blur the look of pores and other imperfections from the skin, giving you a sculpted and almost airbrush-quality look. That, combined with its long-wearing effect, took my everyday makeup to the next level for the big event and lasted from the ceremony to the end of the reception. It’s also incredibly buildable, which meant I was able to customize how contoured I wanted to look.

I’m also a fan of the contour stick for its expansive shade range — brand founder Rihanna uses Truffle to get her signature glam. My go-to Match Stix is ​​Amber, which is best suited for cool undertones and light to medium skin tones, according to the brand. Its cool gray hue makes it the only bronzer and contour product I’ve tried that hasn’t left me looking orange or overly bronzed. Instead, it compliments my skin and gives me that coveted natural-looking sculpt without looking streaky or noticeably contoured.

Long story short, I’ll never be traveling without my Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick again. Not only did it save me in a pinch, but its easy-to-apply and high-performing formula gave me the confidence to do my own makeup and helped me achieve what I felt was expert-level glam. Try it for yourself and grab one at Fenty Beauty, Sephora, and Ulta.

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