#Festiveseason turns the health mode on for delhiites | Well being

When festivals come and the need to look fit becomes a priority for many. The urge is even more intense this year as many have been locked indoors and have seen significant gains in body weight and fat mass during the pandemic. Now that parties and get-togethers get closer, nutritionists and personal trainers say the need to nail the #OOTD look is filling up their appointment registers.

“My clients from Delhi have started consulting for fat loss,” says Pranit Shilimkar, a health and fitness entrepreneur “Leading a Sedentary Way”.

Some citizens have recently seen a shift away from fried and sugary foods to healthier alternatives. In fact, weight loss takes time and patience, warns Ankit Sharma, a power yoga trainer. He says: “The demand for my services is increasing. Because of the holidays, people come and say, Humare Paas 1-2 Mahine Hai, Weight Loss Kara Do. “

Diksha Malik, fitness and nutrition coach, emphasizes that “people today care more about their wellbeing than their looks,” says Diksha Malik. “Until a few years ago, people wanted to look a certain way at their Diwali parties or meetings . Now I think that people without exception have become fitness conscious. “

However, Delhi-based nutritionist and author Kavita Devgan notes that the number of special festive consultations has doubled. “It’s even more so this year as many gained weight during the lockdown … They come for a consultation to make sure they can’t go overboard and keep their weight in check this holiday season,” she says.

The personal fitness trainer Tanya Malhotra also admits to register an average customer growth of 40-50%. “Many people are seen as super motivated to get in shape before the festivals so that they can put on their favorite outfits for various festival parties,” she says.

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