France to limit journey from Britain to struggle omicron | Well being and Health

UK travel industry officials expressed dismay at the French restrictions and described the new rules as a hammer blow to the industry. Travel officials asked for government aid for troubled companies.

“The winter sports and school travel markets are particularly exposed, and the government must now come up with an aid package if we do not experience company breakdowns and job losses,” said Mark Tanzer, general manager of the Abta travel and business association.

Tanzer said the sector has had little opportunities to make money since the pandemic started almost two years ago and will now face another wave of cancellations.

The UK recorded the highest number of confirmed new COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began on Wednesday, and England’s chief medical officer warned that the situation is likely to get worse as the omicron variant sets off a new wave of disease over the Christmas holidays.

Under France’s new measures, citizens of all EU countries can still travel to France from the UK, in addition to non-EU citizens with long-term EU residence permits or visas and some other groups of people including truck drivers who are only in transit by France, diplomats and health workers.

Individuals are only allowed to leave France for the UK if they are not French or if they have an urgent health or legal reason to travel.

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