Google TV to tackle Apple TV with upcoming health and good house options

Source: Joe Maring/Android Central

Google TV may soon be able to play more than just movies and TV shows. Rob Caruso, Director of Product Management at Google TV, recently revealed what’s next for the smart TV interface.

In an interview with Protocol, Caruso said that Google wants to improve smart home controls on Google TV, citing as an example the recent updates that have made it possible to access the smart home via the power menu on the best Android phones – Access control.

Another “big area of ​​research” is fitness skills. Caruso teased the potential integration of Google services and devices like Google Fit and Fitbit, as well as third-party systems into the interface. The plan appears to align with Apple Fitness+ integration on Apple TV, although Caruso hasn’t disclosed the specifics of the plan.

Video conferences are also in focus. Google plans to expand your options for video communication on Android TV beyond Google Duo. Caruso mentioned Zoom as a potential service to add to Google TV’s video conferencing options.

Google is also interested in expanding the number of free live TV channels available on Google TV. The Mountain View-based company has already made strides on this front when it partnered with Pluto TV late last year to give Google TV users access to more than 300 free live TV channels.

On the content page, Caruso expressed hope for some improvements in the situation between Netflix and Google TV. Currently, Google TV users cannot add Netflix shows and movies to the system-level UI watchlist.

“I hope we’ll see some welcome improvements and innovations in the coming months, not just with Netflix, but with many partners,” Caruso told Protocol.

While there’s no set timeline for these features to roll out, Caruso said some of them will be coming to Google TV devices “in the coming months.”

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