Greatest dietary supplements for tiredness: Melatonin or vitamin b12 may help

Fatigue and exhaustion are common complaints for many and with the end of another turbulent year, energy levels are lower than ever for most. However, taking melatonin or vitamin B12 can help raise your energy levels and improve your general mood.

Melatonin, also known as the “sleep hormone”, could also be taken as a dietary supplement.

If you usually have trouble falling asleep, you may feel tired and exhausted the next day.

However, according to nutritionist Gavin Van De Walle, supplementing melatonin should help relieve signs of insomnia.

The capsules can then decrease your chances of persistent fatigue while increasing energy, he said.

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Melatonin is responsible for maintaining adequate energy levels, primarily by regulating the flow of energy to and from stores and by directly regulating energy expenditure by activating brown adipose tissue and participating in the tanning process of white adipose tissue, reports a study published in Wiley Online .

It added, “The reduction in melatonin production, such as with aging, shift work, or night-lit environments, leads to insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and sleep disorders.

“Melatonin is the central mediator molecule for the integration between the cyclical environment and the circadian distribution of physiological and behavioral processes and for the optimization of the energy balance.”

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Many foods are also fortified with B12, so most people can meet their vitamin B12 needs through a balanced diet of foods rich in B12.

Still, some are at risk of B12 deficiency, which occurs when the body is not getting enough or is unable to absorb the amount it needs.

As a result, some people’s energy levels can be boosted by taking B12 supplements.

Often times, a person feels tired just because they are slightly dehydrated.

More than half of your body weight comes from water.

So it’s no surprise that your fatigue levels are often not right.

Mild dehydration can make you tired, cause headaches, and affect your mood and focus.

A large glass of water is enough, especially after training.

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