health buds with ANC to launch quickly

(Pocket Lint) – After Beats launched their first pair of noise-canceling TWS buds earlier this year, it seems like Beats will be launching another soon. But this time around, the company wants to build on its reputation for creating headphones that are great for exercising.

If the leaks are to be believed, Beats will be launching a pair of buds called the Beats Fit Pro, which are similar in design to the Beats Studio Buds.

That means a compact oval bud with a silicone tip and the pill-shaped button on the outside. However, it appears that this part of the earbuds expands to form a wing / fin in the ear to hold it more securely in the ear.

The leak was first made public by 9to5Mac in a report that also includes high-resolution press releases of the product. These show the buds in white, gray, black and pink / purple.

from Cam Bunton
October 1, 2021 Updated

According to the website source, the earbuds come with ANC (Active Noise Canceling) and feature the H1 chip. This means that, unlike the Studio Buds, you can pair them with multiple Apple products.

The earbuds are also said to support “Hey Siri” so you can activate the iPhone’s assistant without having to press and hold a button.

Fit Pro is expected to offer decent battery life as well. It is claimed that when fully charged, they will last 6 hours with ANC or Transparency mode enabled, or 7 hours with the batteries turned off.

The charging case, which is more similar to the Powerbeats Pro case, holds an additional 27-30 hours of battery, which could mean the Beats Fit Pro is one of the longest-lasting TWS buds out there.

As with the Studio Buds, the Fit Pro is expected to offer fast pairing for both iOS and Android and – with Google Fast Pair – show you the battery level and support for “Find My Device”.

Rumor has it that Beats Fit Pro will hit the market in the first week of November and be available for purchase shortly afterwards.

Writing from Cam Bunton. Originally published October 20, 2021.

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