Health founder revamps Genoa Township health club, plans enlargement

Howell – Tyler Koronich grew up in Howell and opened his first TRVFIT gym there in 2013 when he was in his early 20s.

The company now has 16 locations, including 15 in Michigan and one in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Koronich, now 32, said the company will continue to expand in the coming years, reports the Livingston Daily Press & Argus.

A few weeks ago he bought back a 9,000 square meter gym in the municipality of Genoa from a franchisee. He said he’s making some improvements to the room, adding fitness programs, and getting new exercise and boxing equipment.

The fitness room has four training rooms. They offer group classes, semi-private training, and nutrition.

He said he recently returned to Howell after living in Detroit for several years and wants to give back to the Livingston County community, which has supported his dream from its humble beginnings.

“My inspiration is that we started with a 1,000-square-foot gym in Howell and it was the community that helped us. It’s kind of a pay-it-forward thing. “

The gym will support people recovering from an addiction by purchasing memberships. He also plans to work with nonprofits, youth sports and other organizations to give back.

Koronich said mixed martial arts and other martial arts made him fit in his youth.

He started out as a personal trainer and worked for large gyms before founding TRVFIT Fitness.

In a matter of months, they had outgrown their original gym and moved to a larger 3,000-square-foot room in Howell.

Then they outgrew this room and moved to the 9,000 square meter Genoa Township.

Shortly after the company was founded, further TRVFIT fitness locations were opened. The second is in south Lyon.

There are several TRVFIT locations in Livingston County including Koronich’s location in Genoa Township and other franchise locations in Hartland, Pinckney and Fowlerville.

“I was the first four or five partners and then we started franchising,” said Koronich.

He currently owns three of the locations with partners. He also owns gyms in Berkley and Plymouth. The rest are franchise locations.

He said 2019 was their biggest year of expansion when eight new locations opened.

“There are five new upcoming locations in the next year and we have a minimal target of 15 more.”

He said he will be actively marketing to potential franchisees in Michigan and other states early next year.

At its peak, 20 locations were in operation at the same time. Some have closed or renamed.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, the gym offered on-demand online programs. These materials are still available as a package.

“We have a number of room upgrades and new equipment,” Koronich said of his plans to expand Genoa township.

Two rooms on the ground floor house scales, exercise equipment and space for group lessons and training.

One of the two rooms in the basement is for yoga, barre and Pilates. Koronich calls it the “mind-body” space.

There is also a boxing training area with punching bags in the basement. Koronich plans to keep the room dark and light it up with colored party lights.

“I’ve found that the dark makes it easier for people to learn to box and sometimes worry about what they look like.”

He said the boxing equipment was also being revised.

“We have a number of custom (die) bags. We make a mural. This room will be completely redesigned. “

He said that while fitness training is the most popular, he hopes to expand the gym’s boxing side.

“Functional training is popular, but I want boxing to be just as big.”

He also plans to open a pro shop upstairs that will sell the gym’s own line of nutritional supplements, boxing gloves, and other retail items.

For the future, Koronich assumes that the company will continue to grow and add more locations.

“It’s about the right scaling, regardless of whether we open more headquarters (company-owned locations) or franchises. We have many potential expansion or relocation plans. “

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