High 10 health tendencies for 2022

Online live and on-demand exercise courses are also among the top 10 trends at number 9.

“Let’s face it, if you have a yoga class on Monday at 8:00 am, only a handful of people may be able to attend the class in person,” said Karen Wonders, program director and professor of exercise science at Wright State University’s Kinesiology and Health. “But if you offer it virtually and on demand, anyone, anywhere, can participate. I think you have to think outside the box to save the fitness center industry. “

Advantages and disadvantages

While wearable technology, home gyms, and on-demand classes provide convenience and safety, walking alone can also have some drawbacks.

“Wearable tech is a wealth of information, but there was a recent article about being careful with all of this data and not making us feel guilty,” said Crecelius.

Getting the shape right can also be a challenge.

“There is a risk or risk of injury when people exercise alone,” said Wonders. “Fitness centers can help here. They can hold clinics to teach the correct form or have a service where they can review the training sessions and make suggestions to the client that they can do at home. “

Crecelius emphasizes the importance of listening to your body.

“There is a difference between discomfort and pain,” she said. “Pain can indicate an injury. Knowledgeable trainers should provide pointers to typical problems with form, so people should listen and use a mirror or a practice partner to spot their own form defects. “

New opportunities

Trends such as mobile training apps (# 16) and online personal training (# 17) are further evidence that the fitness industry is changing. While stationary fitness facilities can face challenges, there are opportunities too.

“I think this should be a wake up call or a call to action for fitness centers to find new ways to reach and serve their customers,” said Wonders.

Offering focused fitness options, unique personal experiences, or specialized equipment is an option, but customization will be critical.

“I think we can see changes in the certification industry too – how do we know the quality of on-demand exercises and instructors?” Said Crecelius. “Perhaps new certifications for virtual personal trainers will emerge.”

Global survey of the top 10 fitness trends for 2022

1. Wearable technology

2. Gyms for the home

3. Outdoor activities

4. Weight training with free weights

5. Exercise for weight loss

6. Personal training

7. High intensity interval training

8. Body weight training

9. Online live and on-demand training courses

10. Health / wellness coaching

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