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We all have this bucket list. What’s in yours Is it starting a business? On a trip, who knows where? Maybe surfing? Or maybe take the healthy path? We make plans forever, and the sad news is we’re not getting any younger, which complicates the accomplishments.

We live in a century of junk food. It’s no lie that these high-carb and high-fat meals are delicious, but they take us further away from wellbeing and shorten our lifespan. You probably can’t imagine turning 100 years old, but healthy living is growing in popularity around the world. From fitness to healthy eating, you should follow suit.

What if you started thinking about it right away? Your list of goals would likely be brand new and the satisfaction that comes with it is beyond words. Do you know what could help you get started now? Dealing with what you thought stopped you yesterday. Here is a list of excuses we like to use when we say, ‘I’ll start next year!’

1. I don’t have time now

We have time for everything, but not for our health? Really? We undoubtedly have hectic lifestyles, even cooking a homemade meal can be a challenge. But you can always find a way to divide your time between your hobbies, family, work, and other commitments. So you have time; just that fitness isn’t a priority.

What if you got paid to go to the gym? We’d all show up, even at odd times. So thinking about staying healthy gives you more confidence in everyday life, knowing that any obstacle that comes your way is surmountable because you will always find a solution. These are things you will learn as you take on fitness challenges.

2. I start when I have my finances under control

You are probably thinking of a gym membership, but exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. Move on to push-ups, sit-ups, or squats that don’t require investment unless you have the time! Do you know how much it costs not to live healthy? We talk about obesity, diabetes and many other diseases of civilization. Plus, buying healthy and fresh foods will nourish you physically and mentally, and the satisfaction that comes with it is second to none.

3. I don’t have the right equipment

The right equipment is critical to efficiency and comfort. But do you need everything at once? When running, for example, the indispensable accessory is a nice pair of shoes. We all want to look just as good in our gyms as we do on our dinner dates. But even if you have a heart rate monitor, weight belt, music player, compression clothing, and fitness towel from the best fitness brands, they are next to none if you don’t get up and do something. For the time being, start with things that are effective and don’t need to cost a fortune. Over time, you can invest in comprehensive and specialized fitness equipment.

4. I would be better off taking some weight off first

If this is your current situation, you are not alone because it is a popular excuse. Every gym is full of people who haven’t struggled hard to earn their rock hard abs and always looked forward to the beach season. But some of us have lost a few calories through hard work. Starting a fitness journey can be challenging, and any fitness trainer or trainer will tell you that. So, they respect you for showing up on even your worst days knowing that it will hurt, feel uncomfortable, and tired. Respect!

5. Will I be good at it?

Yes you will! Why are people famous for their skills? You do it over and over again. So how do you know if you are good if you don’t try? The short answer, you won’t. Nobody was born to hold the best positions, but their dedication and hard work got them there. The bottom line is it takes time, everything takes time, and getting started is the most challenging, but you will see improvements soon if you are there and stick with it

6. I have no idea where to start

Nobody does. If you know someone who is doing what you want to do, it’s a good idea to ask where they started and start there too. Various fitness or nutritional labels will be happy to advise you on this.

7. Fitness is for the little ones

Getting older is scary for most, but it doesn’t stop you from achieving a healthy body. Better still, healthy living is advisable for everyone. You don’t need to lift any weight to lose a few pounds as you have several options. Your son or daughter will likely get there faster, but the most important thing is to earn your place at the fitness table if you stick to the routine!

8. Never forget your reason

If you are thinking about getting healthier, you must have a good reason for it. You don’t have to tell anyone; write it down somewhere. If you feel like you would rather sleep all day than move, or just don’t feel like doing it, read it. You could place the written piece on your bedroom door to wake you up and it whispers to you to get your compression equipment and go to the gym!

9. Start now

Congratulations for taking the time to do your research before you commit. This means that you will probably get everything right the first time, which will save you the back and forth and, most importantly, your precious time and other investments. Give yourself a start time soon. After all, sooner or later you have to do something anyway.

10. Sweat it until you get there

When the tough part of the beginning is done, make sure you stick to your health goal. Just like starting a business, there are all kinds of obstacles and setbacks, but start somewhere and stay until you reach your desired goal.

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