Joe Biden well being: Fears over psychological health in awkward second – ‘I will be in higher form’ | Royal | Information

Last week America was hit by a “colossal” ransomware attack that affected around 200 companies in the country. Security firm Huntress Labs said Friday it believed Russia-affiliated ransomware gang REvil was responsible for the attack. On Saturday, the US president was in Central Lake, Michigan, visiting the King Orchards farm shop to buy some cakes.

While he was checking out at the cash register, a journalist asked him about the latest cyber attack.

Mr Biden did not allow the reporter to finish the question before responding that US intelligence was unsure whether the hack was ordered by Moscow.

“We’re not sure if it’s the Russians,” he said.

After a short pause, the President was finally able to give a conclusive answer: “I have instructed the secret services to give me a deep insight into what happened.

“I’ll know better tomorrow.”

Last month, Mr Biden began his visit to the UK with an embarrassing slip-up when he referred to the Royal Air Force as “RFA” in a keynote address.

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