Know eating regimen suggestions, simple recipes for mom-to-be and new mothers

New Delhi: A season full of freshness, lush greenery, temperature drops, light drizzle and chills. During this time of year most of us prefer to stay indoors and stay warm. This cold weather brings a number of common diseases such as the common cold, cough, flu, viral and bacterial infections, dry skin, and a number of others. It is also a season of immunodeficiency due to factors such as less availability of sunshine nutrients, less hydration, snacks over healthy, nutrient-rich meals, and reduced exercise frequency.

These are very true and relatable, even with expectant mothers and new mothers. Expectant mothers and young mothers can improve their health and nutrition by following some important nutritional practices during this season. Sneha Sanjay, Senior Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bengaluru, shares some thoughts:

Consumption of immune-boosting foods that are available locally

. Ginger – Relieves stomach problems, stimulates digestion and keeps the body warm.

. Gooseberry – A natural immunity detoxifier and tonic, and because it’s high in vitamin C, it helps fight infections and is great for iron absorption, which is vital for mothers.

. Garlic sulfur content increases the ability to fight diseases and improves body heat. It reduces bloating, which is quite common in mothers.

. Turmeric- Due to its antiseptic and antiviral properties, turmeric is a miracle spice during pregnancy and also in the postpartum period. In winter, Haldi milk is a lifesaver.

. Carrot seeds (ajwain) and peppermothers can relieve gas immediately with ingestion, which treats abdominal discomfort and improves appetite due to the slowed metabolism.

.Citrus fruits: They help to prevent infections, provide sufficient moisture, maintain the health of the skin and relieve winter drought.

Adequate hydration

. While mothers may not feel the urge to drink enough fluids during these months, it is indeed an important way to keep themselves largely healthy.

. During the day, drink warm liquids such as lukewarm water, homemade soups, vegetable or dhal broths, light porridges and herbal mixtures to moisturize, replenish various nutrients and nourish mom.

. Total hydration should not be less than 2.5 liters per day.

. On the pretext of hydration, avoid drinks like coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, packaged juices, or sugary drinks, which can be dehydrating and also limit the absorption of certain vital nutrients, which contributes to illness.

. Improved hydration also speeds up the sluggish metabolism and keeps the mother away from digestive problems.

Balanced food / snack pattern

. Eating a balanced diet during the winter months will certainly help improve health, immunity, and mood.

. Opt for fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits that are antioxidant backups.

. Consumption of certain nutrients like vitamin C and zinc in particular are found to be more beneficial for boosting immunity to fight the flu or infection, and sources of zinc help fight off infection.

. Sticking to a 3-meal and 2-snack pattern saves the mother from being tempted to eat unhealthy, fried or strange foods.

. The snack options for a mom can be tasty and healthy, such as: B. hot moong dhal dhokla, homemade steamed vegetable or non-vegetable momos, steamed sprouts or peanut salad, warm porridge, savory makhana, and many such options.

. Snacking for mums also has to be tasty and healthy. Some snack ideas were:

Makhana Kheer


, Makhana- 100gm

. Dried fruits (almonds / cashews / raisins) -25gm

. Milk-200ml

. Jaggery-100gm

. Ghee-10ml

. Saffron threads-3-4

. Cardamom powder 1/2 spoon


. Toast the makhana with half a spoonful of ghee for 3-5 minutes. Stay aside.

. Roast cashews and almonds.

. Grind a small serving of toasted makhana, cardamom, and dried fruit.

. Put milk in a pan and cook on a low heat for 5 minutes.

. Add toasted makhana, powder mix and cook for another 5 minutes.

. Finally add the melted jaggery, saffron threads and cook for 2-3 minutes.

. Add a spoonful of ghee and serve hot.

Hara Bara Kabab


. Spinach-1 bunch

. Beans-50gm

. Peas-50gm

. Potato-30gm

. Oats-15gm

. Grated paneer-20gm

. coriander

. Salt-1 tsp

. Chili powder-1 tsp

, Amchur podwer-1/2 tsp

. Roasted cashew nuts – For garnish


. Steam the potatoes, beans, peas and spinach in a pressure cooker.

. Mash the potatoes separately.

. Mix the steamed peas, spinach and beans.

. Mix the mashed potatoes, vegetable puree, grated paneer and chopped coriander.

. For binding oatmeal powder.

. Add the rest of the seasoning powder and mix well.

. Shape into tikki with cashew nuts and fry flat in a pan.



, Toor Dhal-100gm

. Finely chopped onion-25gm

. Finely chopped coriander, mint, dill leaves-30gm

. Chopped green chilli-10gm

. Salt-1 tsp

. Ghee – � tsp


. Soak the gate dhal for 3-4 hours.

. Drain the water completely.

. Coarsely grind with a mixer.

. Add the rest of the other ingredients mentioned.

. Shape into finger-shaped cakes and steam over a medium flame for 15-20 minutes.

. Serve hot with a dollop of ghee.

. Chocolate pulp


. Oatmeal 90gm

. Cocoa powder-10gm

. Honey / maple syrup-3 or 4 tsp

. Fresh fruit (fig / banana / apple / strawberry) -100gm

. Milk-200ml


. Roast the oatmeal for only 2 minutes and add cocoa powder.

. Add milk and cook for 5-8 minutes

. As soon as oats get a little thick, take them off the flame.

. Cool it down to the lukewarm state.

. Add honey depending on the desired sweetness and finally mix the chopped fruits

. High protein pizza


. Cauliflower-150gm

. Whole eggs-2

. coriander

. Soy Pieces-50gm

. Mixed vegetables (onions / peppers / tomatoes / olives / baby corn) -75gm

. Cheese-25gm

. Pepper-10gm

. Tomato puree-20gm

. Oil-10ml


. Clean and grate the whole cauliflower.

. To this grated cauliflower add salt, pepper, coriander and eggs.

. Mix everything well

. Apply oil to a preheated pan and pour this thick cauliflower and egg mixture.

. Cover with a lid and cook on the flame.

. Once well cooked on one side, apply the tomato puree, spread all the vegetables and grated cheese.

. Cook on a medium flame with the lid covered for 3-5 minutes.

. Garnish with pepper, oregano and chilli flakes and serve.

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