Ladue Colleges’ Wellness Lessons Assist College students Thoughts Their Psychological Well being | Well being

It continues with mindfulness activities, such as walks in nature, yoga or Pilates. “I play soft music, asking them to relax, let go and be present with themselves and connect with their breath,” explains O’Neal. “I say: ‘Imagine your happiest place’ … Whether on the beach, on a mountain top or in your bedroom … if you are stressed from an exam to a big game, go to this perfect place … to find peace.”

O’Neal notes that mental, social, and physical health are all interrelated, and students reported improved focus on their other academic and athletic activities, as well as better stress and anxiety management. “It’s about finding what you need every day,” she says. “If you are not sane, you will not want to exercise and eat healthily, and if you are not in touch with yourself, you are not mindful.”

Most students have chosen the “sold out class,” which also includes a research project on a related topic such as: says O’Neal. She adds that students have the opportunity to teach mindfulness-based activities like writing poetry, gardening, or cooking.

“The kids really love it,” she notes. “I get 100 percent participation from the students and some come after class and say, ‘I tried so hard today’ or ‘Oh, I needed that’. There are no rules. Yoga is always a practice – it’s not about being perfect. It’s like in life – if you fall, you get up and try again. “

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