Let’s Make-Up: the brand new magnificence launches to have in your radar in July


At ES Best, e have a soft spot for beauty products.

Every month all kinds of lotions and potions from makeup, skin care, hair care, and more cross our desks and we take it upon ourselves to review each one so you don’t have to. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

In our Let’s Make-Up Round-up, we present a selection of the tried and tested, freshest and hottest beauty launches that are worth adding to your shopping cart. If we record it below you will know it’s a good ‘un’.

With the onset of July, we hope that the sun will finally lift its head. But if not, we console ourselves with the pampering body products from BioEffect and Alicia Keys’ label Keys Soulcare. Liz Earle and Murad counter fine lines and pigmentation and have us covered with innovative, science-based formulas. On the makeup front, By Terry and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ first foray into lip balm, our lips are pampered. The professional make-up artist favorite label Morphe also has a helpful multitasking product up its sleeve with a tinted moisturizer. Let’s just say it’s a very exciting time to swap out your empties.

For much more, check out our picks of the beauty goodies you need on your radar.


Living Proof revitalizing scalp care

The name is the hint, this product is designed to revitalize your locks. Much like your carefully curated skin care regimen, your scalp deserves care and attention to prevent dryness, product buildup, thinning, and hair loss. Your scalp is a unique environment made up of five layers to protect your brain and encourage growth, but it can be stressed by your diet, hormones, pollution, or the ever-changing weather.

For thicker, luscious curls, this leave-in formula is applied directly to the root and contains a trademarked Health Follicle Complex with yeast proteins, zinc salt and jojoba esters for strengthening and nourishment. In studies, 97 percent of participants saw thicker hair, found less hair on their brush, and 94 percent found their ponytail was thicker in just three months.

The living proof

Murad Rapid Serum for the correction of dark spots

From the exceptional skin care Dr. Murad comes with this new breakthrough formula to reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. This hyperpigmentation, caused by UV exposure, pregnancy, acne, scarring, and even some medications, is extremely common and can develop on any skin tone or type. In studies, 84 percent saw their appearance visibly reduced in just 14 days after using this serum. This is achieved through the combination of a patented resorcinol technology, tranexamic acid and glycolic acid, which promote cell turnover while at the same time soothing, brightening and improving the skin.


Liz Earle Beauty Co Superskin Alt-Retinol

For those with sensitivities, you may have long believed that retinol is completely excluded as part of your skin care routine, but no longer. Liz Earle has launched two products specifically designed to achieve all of the superior effects of the vitamin A derivative without irritation, dryness or redness. It took 25 years to manufacture and the herbal alternative is available as a booster and leave-on skin paste. The two-tier botanical-based formulations use two main ingredients; Stevia and bidens pilosa, which imitate the youth-promoting, fine lines minimizing and plumping benefits of retinol. 80 percent of people saw a visible change in just two weeks, after four it was 96 percent.

Liz Earle

BioEffect EGF body serum

Whatever the weather suggests, it’s summer and we’re getting our bodies ready with this new launch from Icelandic skin care label BioEffect. This serum gives your skin the same care as your face, using just eight ingredients with a powerful formula that contains the regenerative protein Barley EGF – the brand’s signature ingredient – as well as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. It moisturizes your skin, which can dry out in summer, and has anti-aging effects that make you smoother, plumper and firmer. The clean formula is reduced to the bare essentials, without silicone, fragrances, oil, alcohol or parabens. In a four-week study by the brand, all participants found their skin to be more manicured, softer, and smoother, while almost all (92 percent) agreed that dry and rough skin was restored and a visible improvement (85 percent) was noted.


Pure science clarity

Between 2020 and 2021, the acne and blemish category increased by 200 percent. Taking into account the stress, mask and excessive time spent indoors, this will not come as a surprise to many as these aggressors all had a negative impact on the clarity of our complexions. In response, Scientia launched its Pure Clarity range to soothe, hydrate and cleanse those pores. Like all of the brand’s products, it combines ingredients from nature and science that do not strip the skin off, but rather effectively swell it. The three-part collection consists of the Deep Clean PHA Cleanser, the PHA Skin Tonic Toner and the Blemish Paste, which contain succinic acid, calamine, niacinamide and sacred lotus extract with immediate and long-term effects.


Morphe Glowstunner Moisturizing Tinted Moisturizer

During these warmer months, your traditional makeup routine can feel too heavy and cause excessive sweating. Swap your foundation for something lighter like a tinted moisturizer – and Morphe has just the thing for you. The Glowstunner Hydrating Tinted Moisturizer is the latest addition to its complexion enhancement line and is the multitasking product you need to make your summer skin care easier. The combination of lactic acid, allantoin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E nourishes the skin, gives it a subtle tint and has a high sun protection factor of SPF30. There are 15 colors and the opacity is extremely buildable, transparent and oh so radiant.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Lip Balm

We have to admit that we’re a bit obsessed with lip balm at ES Best. When the legendary Anastasia Beverly Hills announced that she was expanding into the realm, we were extremely excited. Based on the pocket money of our childhood, the Norvina balms are available in three fruity fragrances; Mango, coconut and strawberry. The formulas are rich in nourishing vitamins and oils to fill your pout with goodness, and there’s a subtle tint to it. The packaging is designed so that you put your lips directly on the product – you don’t need to disinfect your hands before use.


Aquis Copper Sure Rapid Dry Hair Wrap

Did you know that your hair is most sensitive when it’s wet? Instead of roughly drying with a towel, which can cause breakage, dress up your locks with Aquis’ latest hair wrap that eliminates frizz and damage. The antimicrobial design speeds up the drying process without heat. It’s quick drying and has been clinically proven to fight off bacteria. The latest launch is woven with trademarked Copper Sure technology – a naturally derived treatment that keeps your hair fresh longer and requires less washing because it stays odorless and mold resistant.


From Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Balm

In this new product from the French luxury make-up label By Terry, skin care meets lip care. While it moisturizes your pout, it also adds a nice tint, a high-gloss finish and protects it from external influences. The vegan formula contains two different hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights to treat both the upper and deeper layers of the skin. The crystal-colored pigments provide a natural finish and are filled with filters and antioxidants to provide effective protection against UV rays. There are six shades in different nude tones with shades of pink, apricot, coral, red and berry.

From Terry

Key soul care body

Give your body the love and care it deserves with the expansion of the lifestyle beauty label Keys Soulcare from Alicia Keys. Among the other products for strengthening the face, mind and soul, which are already popular for the cleanser and peeling, there are three new creations; the Renewing Body + Hand Wash, the rich, nourishing body cream and the holy body oil.

Key soul care


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