Luxurious magnificence hub opens in Locust Valley

Wading through the maze of beauty products available can be more than confusing (how many products have you bought that are just wrong?), But a new beauty center in Locust Valley is designed to simplify the process and help customers find the right products for their . to find very personal skin.

Welcome to Knockout Beauty, the bespoke skin care consultancy founded by Cayli Cavaco Reck, 44, the daughter of two American Vogue editors, who already has boutiques in Bridgehampton, New York City and Los Angeles. This is Reck’s first “luxury skincare” franchise, having spent years researching physiology, ingredients, formulations, and even the way hormones affect complexion, and starting the store with “clean, potent products” to fill that she calls.

The airy, two-story store sits like a separate house in a small shopping center and is run by Christin Rueger (46), who lives in Locust Valley, a close friend of Reck and a former customer who started the business after being a “customer” and seeing a tremendous change in my skin. “

Find sharply edited inventory across all beauty categories – more obscure brands and products, including some to grow lashes, fight wrinkles, remove acne, and discoloration tools galore; delicious organic oils and balms for the bath as well as hand and nail treatments, fragrances and make-up.

Private consultations, which last 20 to 40 minutes and are free for the time being, are the company’s calling card with trained staff who really personalize skin protocols. “The customization we offer has met with great approval,” says Rüger. “People say, ‘I did this program and it doesn’t work’ or ‘how can I improve on what I’m already doing’.” And she adds that people here are responding to the concierge-like services. “It’s very one on one.”

According to Rueger, some of the products that have attracted their customers are Bee Venom Cream – a moisturizing balm made from organic mango and avocado butter, and Royal Fern Essence – an anti-inflammatory, gentle exfoliating solution made with fern extract. You can also book services – an extravagant signature facial and a teen facial are available, with more to come. Knockout Beauty is located at 1 The Plaza, Locust Valley, 516-200-5062,

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By Anne Bratskeir
Newsday special

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