Magnificence exhibits to binge-watch in case you are a make-up fanatic

Make-up is not just about the artists or the variety of products on the market. The artists in the makeup industry have expanded into many other areas, such as creating reality beauty shows with exciting challenges who also act as judges and mentors in these shows.

Everyone loves to watch shows, and with the multitude of genres available, there are options for everyone! The number of OTT platforms is also large, with series on one or the other platform. As with any genre of movies or TV series, beauty enthusiasts love a good show that puts makeup at the center. Just like someone who is a horror movie fan is always on the lookout for the scariest horror movies. The disclaimer “Based on a true story” attracts you like a moth to a flame!

Whether you are a beauty connoisseur, aspiring make-up artist or just someone who is super fascinated by make-up and the industry, these beauty shows are a must!

Light up

Image: Courtesy of Glow Up Instagram

In this reality competition, renowned artists Val Garland and Dominic Skinner assess the creativity and make-up skills of 10 participants. The series presents aspiring makeup artists with multiple challenges that gradually eliminate people. At the end of each episode, two candidates compete against each other whose talents did not meet the standards of the jury. To be fair, each of the two contestants has to mimic a specific makeup look used by twins! The slightest mess can cause the entrant to go home, as in any competition. Making a career in the makeup industry is an opportunity for the winner.

Where to watch: Netflix

100% hotter

Beauty ott showsImage: Courtesy of Karen Williams Instagram

This UK-based reality show features a stylist (Karen Williams), a makeup artist (Melissa Sophia) and a hairstylist (Daniel Palmer) who transform people from all walks of life. These are the ones that are usually eye-catching that are sure to be an eye-catcher, and not always in a good way. Most of the time, their friends and family who are embarrassed about their looks request a makeover, or if they are self conscious, do it themselves! Some of the transformations make you wonder if they were the same people!

Where to watch: Netflix

Strange eye

Beauty ott showsImage: Courtesy of Queer Eye Instagram

Netflix revived that old show with five fabulous men named Fab Five walking around looking for people to remodel it. Not only is it makeup-centric, but they also strive to build relationships with people who have different views to influence their outlook on life and improve the quality of their wardrobe, personal care, nutrition, home decor, and cultural activities. Each of the Fab Five has unique strengths that they use to transform a person.

Where to watch: Netflix

Immediate influence

Beauty ott showsImage: Courtesy of Instant Influencer Instagram

James Charles is a well-respected young makeup artist known to all. He has established himself in the beauty industry in recent years, either out of controversy or talent. As part of the reality web series, six participants will be judged on their makeup and influencer skills by James Charles and other industry experts like Norvina, daughter of Anastasia Soare, founder of makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. This reality competition has a variety of challenges, all of which have to do with makeup and being an influencer. They even included making an apology video as one of the challenges considering how often influencers make them. At the end of the series, James declares an aspiring makeup artist the winner and influencer.

Where to watch: YouTube

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Beauty ott showsImage: RuPaul’s Drag Race Instagram

RuPaul, the world famous drag queen, will host and rate this extravagant show to discover “America’s Next Drag Star”. With 13 seasons, this show features mini-challenges and maxi-challenges ranging from singing, dancing, acting, and makeovers. The winner will receive a selection of make-up items from a specific brand, a cash prize, a crown and many other rewards! RuPaul is accompanied by one or two celebrity guests for most of the weeks, either as guest judges or as main judges.

Where to watch: Netflix

The beautiful world of Jeffree Star

Beauty ott showsImage: Courtesy of Shane Dawson Instagram

YouTube was a place with people from all over the world and diverse talents creating and uploading video content. One of the most popular places was Beauty, with creators like James Charles, Nikkie Tutorials, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star, and many others. While their lives may look glamorous on screen, they too have internal issues that they don’t reveal in their videos too often. Popularly known for its comedy content and conspiracy series, Shane Dawson decided to delve deep into the life of the renowned Jeffree Star, owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, makeup artist and former singer-songwriter. Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star worked together to create a makeup and merchandise collection called The Conspiracy Collection. This series goes into the essence of working together, from meeting up, to the bumps they faced, and finally, getting started. They ended this series with slips and deleted scenes from the entire show.

Where to watch: YouTube


Beauty ott showsImage: Courtesy of Marlena Stell Instagram

This four-part investigative documentary reveals four different industries in each episode. The very first episode takes viewers into the world of the cosmetics industry and focuses on the black market where counterfeit makeup products are sold. With interviews with manufacturers, distributors, and everyone else involved in the process, this series takes you out with some dark parts of the fake makeup industry. Counterfeit products, which are popular for their cheap price, are made with chemicals and are therefore much cheaper than the original product. This documentation will surely make you think twice before entertaining these products.

Where to watch: Netflix

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Instant Influencer Instagram.

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