Marion Mayor questions auditor’s health to serve…

from August 25, 2021 8:26 pm

MARION – The Ohio State Auditors Bureau paid their annual visit to Marion, and Mayor Scott Schertzer calls for a full investigation into auditor Robert Landon. Landon did not attend the meeting as he recently tested positive for COVID. Assistant Auditor Marden Watts attended the meeting.

The problem is, no investigation can begin until the 2020 books are balanced. The cut-off date for accounting for the books is September 30th. The auditor has already received two renewals and a possible third request is likely.

The problems started when Landon mistakenly paid the State of Ohio $ 1.28 million that should have been paid to the IRS. While the state has agreed to return the money, the penalties add up and future federal funds are at risk.

Mayor Schertzer said unbalanced books affect the city’s ability to obtain federal funding to support police and fire departments, public transportation, and storm and sewage projects.

Marion is currently waiting to receive the second half of a $ 1.7 million payment from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) next year. Unbalanced books can affect or reduce this payment.

Looking ahead to 2022 and 2023, Landon’s mistake could cost the city nearly $ 2.5 million in federal funds. IRS penalties (currently being appealed) could range from $ 120 to $ 150,000.00.

In a recent interview with a local Marion radio station, Schertzer radio host Scott Spears, he believes Landon is using the extensions as a stable tactic.

“We’re almost done with the eighth month of 2021, and you still haven’t matched the book from last year?” said Schertzer.

Crawford County Now turned to Marion City Council President Ayers Ratliff, who made the following statement:

“Our auditor has proven time and again that he cannot perform the tasks that are required as an auditor by Marion City. He wasn’t honest with the voters when he told them he could do the job. He continues to jeopardize millions of taxpayers ’money. The city cannot go on with insufficient books. I have been trying to sound the alarm for months and I hope that those on the Council who defended him and complimented him now see that we will continue to have disastrous results with Robert Landon. ”

Crawford County Now will follow up on this breaking news.

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