Methods to keep a nutritious diet over Christmas and cease worrying about ‘weight achieve’

Increase your protein intake

Numerous studies show that foods containing protein are the most filling and provide slow-release energy to keep you feeling full longer.

This can be especially helpful on days when you’re going to a Christmas buffet, where the temptation for the canapes can soar.

Mr. Thiruchelvam said, “Having a protein shake before you eat makes you feel full and less likely to have snacks, which reduces the high calorie food intake that can occur at the buffet table.

“Alternatively, you should opt for foods that are higher in protein and use less fried foods as they have twice as many calories due to the high fat content.”

Take care when snacking and drinking

Many alcoholic beverages are known for their high calorie content. However, increased alcohol consumption can also result in you ingesting more than usual.

Dr. Naresh said, “Remember that while you are drinking alcohol, snacking can add up without you noticing.

“Try to grab healthier snacks if you can, but otherwise try to resist the temptation altogether by turning down free nibbles.”

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