Movember or No-Shave Novemer raises consciousness of males’s well being crises

Handlebar mustache, mutton chops, Tom Selleck, a soul stain, or just a regular beard – whatever your facial hair, it’s time to grow out because it’s no-shave November!

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Occasions like No-Shave November and Movember are not only great excuses to wear upper lips, but they also help raise awareness of men’s health crises, from prostate and testicular cancers to mental health and suicide prevention.

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If you’re thinking about what style might look good on you or your loved one, we thought we’d share some examples of epic facial hair from the City Archives collections. Enjoy these pictures and take the time this month to learn more about symptoms and risk factors associated with prostate and testicular cancer.

Savannah City Archives, [email protected], Explore the archives:

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