Nutritional vitamins led e-commerce OTC gross sales in 2020 in U.S., in accordance with new 1010information report

A new report from market researcher 1010data ranks vitamins and nutritional supplements as the number one over-the-counter e-commerce (OTC) category in the US in 2020 when it comes to online health and wellness shopping. The June 2021 Ecommerce Health & Wellness Spotlight report examined sales trends in the OTC market in 2020, both in-store and online, and identified other promising trends for the nutritional supplement category.

In general, US over-the-counter health product sales in e-commerce grew 75% in 2020. Vitamins accounted for 73% of OTC e-commerce sales in 2020, with sales increasing 68% year over year. Vitamins’ e-commerce market share outperformed other OTC categories online including probiotics, allergy relief, sleep aids, pain relief, and coughs and colds. The report said, “Vitamins have some of the highest adoption rates for online purchases, but this growth suggests that, given the impact of the pandemic, new online shoppers have joined this trend.”

Winner traders, delivery services

In terms of which e-commerce retailers had the greatest traction in online OTC in 2020, Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program had the largest market share last year, while third-party Amazon sales declined. Other growing OTC e-commerce market shares were Costco, Target, Walmart, and Instacart. Instacart’s OTC sales grew an impressive 395% in 2020, “the highest of any merchant we track,” wrote 1010data, with consumers “including OTC purchases in addition to their grocery orders.”

In particular, Instacart’s partnership with Costco was successful in 2020, with Costco ranked as Instacart’s leading OTC health seller. The top three OTC health brands Costco sold through Instacart were Kirkland Signature, Nature Made, and Nature’s Bounty. The report said, “By offering a more diversified portfolio of products and same-day delivery alongside groceries, Costco’s brand share in Kirkland is more than double that of its closest competitor.”

Private label on the rise

Private labels and exclusive brands such as Walmart’s Equate, Spring Valley and Parent’s Choice product lines have grown impressively in 2020. as well as Reckitt Benckiser, GlaxoSmithKline, The Nature’s Bounty Co. Bayer and Pharmavite.

For more insights, download the “E-Commerce Health and Wellness Spotlight”.

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