Priyanka Chopra Jonas on magnificence and confidence

“The power of beauty? It’s been around for eons, ”reflects Priyanka Chopra Jonas while we sit down to discuss their thoughts on the matter. For our meeting, which takes place via Zoom, the actor, singer and producer puts on another hat, that of the global ambassador and creative collaborator of Max Factor. “Since she’s from India, beauty is such a big part of a woman,” she says. “There’s this thing called Solar Shringar, that’s 16 ways a woman beautifies herself – and it came thousands and thousands of years ago.” She thinks back to Cleopatra, “and, closer to today, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe – iconic women who have made beauty such an amazing expression of their being ”.

Chopra Jonas’ legacy has had a huge impact on her philosophy of beauty, the subject that has been intertwined with her culture for as long as she can remember. Since moving to the United States as a teenager, where she won various beauty pageants – and earned Miss India and Miss World titles – before getting into acting, she has continued to practice many of the beauty rituals that she adopted in her formative years .


“Much of what is known in LA comes mainly from India, such as yoga, turmeric, ghee, aloe vera – a lot that is good for you,” she says. One of her favorite beauty practices is a scalp massage with oil (“I prefer coconut, almond, a mixture of both”). “Oil massage is great for keeping your hair and scalp feeling healthy,” she tells me. “It is a tradition in India that is passed on from grandmother to mother to daughter. I have so many memories of sitting between my grandmother and mother’s legs and they put oil on my hair. I hated it as a kid, but now I’m super grateful. ”

Peeling is another. “I grew up with scrubs being natural; made from flour, yoghurt and turmeric powder, mixed into a paste that can be applied to the body and the skin feels great when you scrub it off. It’s super healing, super moisturizing. Of course you have to test how much turmeric you use – the lighter the skin, the more it can color. ”

I feel that she could easily go on, her pride in her origins is clearly visible. “Many of the lotions and potions that my aunts and mother used to use are now packaged and sold [by brands], “She adds.

Cannes, France-May 18th Priyanka Chopra attends the screening of Les Plus Belles Annees Dune Vie during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2019 in Cannes, France Photo by Antony Jonesgetty images

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Having spent an extended period of time at home over the past 18 months, Chopra Jonas has more space for her self-care rituals and a new appreciation of what they mean to her. “[I realised] that we never thought about as much as we should have been, ”she says. “For me, beauty is really about how you feel inside. Everyone has heard that beauty is inside the longest, but it really is; I feel like I look my best when I feel my best, so I think that’s the big part of what Lockdown really taught me – to take this time to yourself to look after your hair and taking care of your skin, taking that bath, listening to this music, read the book you put off or watch the movie you’ve always wanted. ”

Basically it was an awakening. “It’s something I just won’t compromise on anymore. My mental health feels better and I feel like I can deal with stress when I have time to myself and do things that nourish my soul. “

[pullquote align=’center’]I have the feeling that I look my best when I feel my best / Pullquote]

Like the rest of us, Zoom was heavily represented in their lockdowns. “I signed up to zoom and virtual meetings long before most – I think a lot of people were expecting to get back to work sooner,” she says. Chopra Jonas has strengthened the platform for her TV promo, book tour and media interviews and of course she has learned how to do it for herself. “Instead of using the camera on my laptop, I took a camera I had and plugged it into the laptop, so I use a quality digital camera, ordered some lighting from Amazon, and made sure the lighting was right.” their selfie technique is taken into account: “Stretch out your arm, lift it above your head and smile! That’s usually perfect, but it has to be high and it has to be far. “

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From her many years of experience in public – and in the make-up chair – the star is happy to reveal many more tricks of the trade.

“I’ve learned that products have to be lengthened from the face to the cleavage,” she tells me. Your face looks a little different from the rest of you. Everything has to look seamless. ”

Priyanka Chopra beauty interview

Priyanka Chopra Jonas in 2013

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Chopra Jonas’ approach to glam has a focus on “less is more” – “I just think it’s fancier” – and she believes makeup “should be an expression of how you feel” rather than a mask. “I am convinced that with make-up I express my individuality, but also have a good feeling for myself, and I feel better when my make-up is not what speaks for me. I speak for myself. “

I feel better when my makeup isn’t what speaks for me. I speak for myself.

Her current favorite product is the Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation by Max Factor, “because it’s three in one”; a primer, foundation and concealer that leaves an airbrush finish. No wonder the multitasking star values ​​products that work just as hard as they do. But the actress says if there’s one thing she’s learned from the pros it is to take the time to prep the skin before applying makeup.

Facefinity Flawless Foundation for the whole day

Facefinity Flawless Foundation for the whole day

maximum factor

£ 12.99

Divine Lashes - 001 Black

Divine Lashes – 001 Black

maximum factor

€ 11.99

Elixir of color lipstick with vitamin E.

Elixir of color lipstick with vitamin E.

maximum factor

£ 12.50

“Good skin is the basis of make-up. It’s crucial, ”she tells me. “Before a big red carpet, I will always try to do a sheet mask, make sure I moisturize, sleep well, and drink lots of water – things like that keep my skin great when a make-up artist starts working on it . ”

I’ve heard countless A-listers drink a lot of water, but Chopra Jonas loves its beauty benefits. “I have a water bottle in my pocket all the time. And I refill it everywhere – it’s a game changer for my skin. I drink about five or six of these 500 ml bottles a day, ”she says, showing me her stainless steel bottle.

Priyanka Chopra

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She also takes her products seriously. “I use Augustinus Bader. Plus 111Skin and Barbara Sturm, who I love both. I recently bought Dr. Discovered Mud who lives in California. That was unbelievable for me, I like the vitamin C serum. ”

The rich cream

The rich cream

Augustine Bader

£ 205.00

Y-theorem bio-cellulose face mask

Y-theorem bio-cellulose face mask

111 SKIN

£ 85.00

cleaning supplies

cleaning supplies

Dr. Barbara Sturm

£ 45.00

The position of Chopra Jonas, of course, gives her access to the minds behind such luxury beauty brands for tips and treatments on tap. However, she points out that privilege does not automatically come with endless trust.

“The experts can do all of their work on me or I have a great tailored dress, but if I’m not happy I just don’t look good.” She pauses and laughs, “I’m sensitive!” Before adding that their appearance “really correlates with what my heart feels”.

Take it from a Hollywood powerhouse: “You feel confident and somehow look beautiful.” I agree.

Priyanka Chopra beauty interview

Courtesy Max Factor

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