Psychological Well being fundraiser livestream to happen – Information

DJs from all over the world will come together for a live stream on October 29th. All donations go to the UK mental health organization Mind and Solemen Indonesia, a Bali-based charity that helps people in poverty.

The stream lasts 24 hours and includes 34 artists in 12 venues in seven different countries.

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Grooves For The Mind’s hope is to raise awareness of mental health issues in the music industry and provide resources for those who suffer. This livestream and the collected donations – for which all participating DJs have waived their booking fees – enable the charity Mind to continue this work.

The DJ roster is worldwide, with teams from different countries. Although many names are not disclosed to this day, some of the previously announced Dave Clarke, Ralph Lawson, Cinthie, Anja Schneider, Dam Swindle, Black Asteroid, Hiroko Yamamura – who tells us how “honored” is are the cause “with some amazing people”. R&S Records and Jazzerimo have also been announced as participating, with more to follow.

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The Grooves For The Mind team is announcing special showcases to close the event closer on time.

All updates, including how to watch and donate to Grooves For The Mind, can be found here.

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