Psychological well being, public security prime of thoughts in 2022 for P.A. MLA

An important aspect of health care that Ross is advocating for this year is mental health support. While the government will add 10 new beds to Our Home this spring, it is hoping that more support will come for those who need them.

“I will continue to advocate this area because maybe they will be enough, maybe not, and it is important that we have the services here that we need for our people who need those services.”

Ross also addressed areas of public safety, pointing to increasing funding for the Prince Albert Police Service and adding fast lanes to Highway 3 as the government makes safety a priority.

However, amid the positive outlook, Ross admits the province is still battling through the pandemic, with recent spikes in Omicron cases threatening hospitals.

She said she understand that COVID fatigue and frustration are everywhere, not just in our province. She hopes people will continue to follow health guidelines and take care of each other.

“I really do urge people to do the right thing. We hear it all over the world, it’s just not a Saskatchewan problem. It is a global challenge that we face and we hear from all over the world that the vaccines are our way of doing it. “

“Not only do I thank the people for their efforts, I also thank our frontline workers for their strong efforts to get us through this pandemic. Don’t give up, we’ll learn to live with it and hopefully find our way to a more normal year 2022. “

Ross and her colleagues will return to the legislature for the next session, due to begin in early March.

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