Psychological well being skilled provides recommendations on how you can sleep higher

We charge our phones 100% every night. Why don’t we do the same courtesy to our bodies?

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – A third of the people in the US aren’t getting enough sleep, but in the Southeast the problem is worse, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

In Tennessee, 37% of adults sleep less than seven hours when the required amount is seven to eight hours.

“Identify when to go to bed to get your eight hours of sleep,” said Ben Harrington, CEO of the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee. “The human body actually has to be recharged for recreational purposes.”

The American Heart Association said chronic lack of sleep has been linked to numerous health problems including stroke, obesity, and even Alzheimer’s.

The Mental Health Association of East Tennessee recommends a few things to help you sleep better:

– Set up a night routine. Reading a book an hour before bed while the TV is on in the background is a great way to unwind for bedtime.

– Stay away from phones, video games, and television before bed. Harrington recommends putting the phone on mute an hour before bed to avoid phone calls or text messages.

– Make your bedroom the coldest room in your home.

– Keep pets away from the bed. Harrington said your dog or cat will try to be more comfortable at the expense of your sleep.

– Limit caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine in the second half of the day will keep you awake. Alcohol can put you to sleep, but the sleep you get won’t be restful. Drinking liquids two hours before bed can also lead to going to the toilet.

“If you minimize your fluid intake around 8 a.m., you might not have to get up and go to the bathroom,” said Harrington.

Sleep is key to your long-term physical and mental health. If you put these tips into action, you can get a whole night of sleep.

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