Punjab: SAD-BJP outdated ties and Capt on thoughts, Congress to attend it out

AFTER Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sudden announcement that the center’s farm laws would be repealed, Punjab’s ruling Congress adopted a wait-and-see policy, despite closely monitoring the SAD and BJP to see if they would meet again before the 2022 general election.

Congress leaders including Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, PPCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu, Cabinet Ministers Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Pargat Singh and others cited the announcement of the repeal as a victory for the agitating peasants. However, the party discusses internally that while the BJP’s decision focused mainly on the UP elections, the announcement on Gurpurab was intended to convey the message to the Punjabis that it was aimed at appeasing them.

“At the moment we are confident that it would not harm us, but we will have to wait and see how Punjabis react to developments. Punjabis are reactive voters. Let’s see, ”said a congress chairman.

Congress has already observed the ousted Prime Minister Amarinder Singh, who recently founded his own party and said he would run with the BJP in the next elections. Congress is now cautious that its party, with the support of the BJP, does not become an asylum for the disgruntled Congressmen who would be ignored in the distribution of the tickets. “We weren’t sure if the laws were going to be repealed. But we will certainly think about a strategy for approaching the development, “said a party leader, adding that” as many as 700 farmers were martyred in the agitation. If the BJP gets a positive result for the repeal of the agricultural laws, so will the negativity of so many farmer deaths ”. An unimpressed Prime Minister Charanjit Singh Channi also told the media that the announcement was too late: “About 700 farmers have lost their lives in the struggle. If these laws were to be repealed, why did it take so long? ”He asked. He said the outcome would benefit Congress as the party stands by the side of the peasants all the time. “We will continue to stand by the farmers’ side,” he said. Cabinet Minister Pargat Singh, who also said the decision had been severely delayed, told The Indian Express: “We had a workers’ meeting in Jalandhar today, chaired by AICC Representative Harish Chaudhary. At the grassroots level there is no concern about today’s decision by the BJP. “

However, Congress internally worries that there may be difficult times for Congress when SAD and BJP come together, especially in urban seats. “In the city seats, where the traders were dissatisfied with the agitation of the farmers, the reunification of the SAD could have an impact on Congress,” said one leader. He also said this could polarize Jat Sikhs in the state, as Congress recently appointed a SC to be the state’s CM.

However, SAD chief Sukhbir Badal reiterated on Friday that he would not go with the BJP at any cost.

However, Congress is cautious. “SAD was separated from BJP on the issue of agricultural laws. Now the problem is solved. You can always come together. Both parties have now recognized this.

The congressional leaders The Indian Express spoke to had a negative attitude towards former Prime Minister Amarinder. “The BJP didn’t even give him credit. Modi made sure he got everyone’s credit. It is clear to all Punjabis that he had no say in the repeal of laws, ”said a party leader on anonymity.

Deputy Prime Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa welcomed the decision to repeal laws and said the Union government should pay homage to farmers martyred in the agitation and apologize to their families. After eleven months of torture, the peasant movement forced the central government to admit its mistake, he added.

Randhawa urged the Union government to give the farmers maximum help to save the land from starvation. Together with his cabinet colleagues Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Bharat Bhusan Ashu, Randeep Singh Nabha, Raj Kumar Verka and other ministers and MLAs, he honored Sri Kartarpur Sahib in Gurdwara on Friday.

The Chairman of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Navjot Singh Sidhu, described the repeal of the farm laws as a victory for the ‘Satyagrah’ of Sanyukat Kisan Morcha (SKM), and said that this decision was on the historic day of Guru Nanak Devs Parkash Purab on the blessing of Guru Nanak Dev. He said that Punjab should forgive anyone admitting their mistake as today is a great day with the Kartarpur Corridor already open.

He was in Sultanpur Lodhi to visit Gurdwara Ber Sahib and Gurdwara Hut Sahib on the occasion of the 552nd

“If I get permission to visit Karatarpur Sahib tomorrow, I will demand a clear roadmap for Punjab State progress,” he told the media. “Nobody should get recognition, as all honor goes to SKM who follows the path of Dharma.”

State Agriculture Minister Randeep Singh Nabha described the announcement of the repeal of the three agricultural laws as a victory for the country. He said that the centre’s decision was also commendable as they made the announcement on Guru Nanak Jayanti’s pious day. Nabha called on the center to rehabilitate the families of those who lost loved ones in the agitation against the farm laws and to pay compensation to the families of the farmers who died in the agitation.

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