Retired Clyde instructor enjoys tradition, magnificence in all 50 states

That year, rural Fremont-born Sharon Radsick fulfilled a dream she unwittingly began as a child.

When Radsick and her friend Cassie Molyet visited Oregon, Wyoming, and Utah, Radsick could finally say that she had visited every state in America.

She started traveling with her family as she grew up, continued to travel as an adult, and started Molyet Travel in 2006.

“I made a goal of visiting every state when I realized how close I was,” said Radsick. “I think I had seven left at the time.”

Every state has something to call its own

While traveling, she got to know the beauty of America and the people who live here.

“Every federal state has its own diversity. It’s amazing what America has to offer, ”she said. “I have the feeling that I like the mountain areas a lot, but the desert areas are also fantastic.”

On her travels, Radsick experienced topographies, sights and entertainment that she would have missed at home. She watched real cowboys rounding up cattle in Texas, fell in love with gospel songs in Tennessee, and was struck by the splendor of California’s redwoods.

“It was so peaceful when we visited the redwoods. The air is different there, ”she said. “You stand there in awe of how big and beautiful they are.”

Radsick was painting pottery on one trip and watching a Christmas slideshow on another that was projected onto a church wall.

“The people you meet on the go are incredible,” as is their travel companion

Through all of her experiences, she made new friends.

“When we drove to the Grand Canyon, we met an almost 80-year-old woman, disheveled, exhausted and exhausted. She had just climbed the gorge. We got her some water and she told us she knew this would be her last chance and decided to climb it, ”said Radsick. “The people you meet along the way are incredible.”

Radsick said she was grateful that Molyet helped her fulfill the last part of her dream. Both are retired teachers; Radsick taught at Vine Elementary in Clyde and Molyet taught at Vine and Green Springs Elementary Schools.

They are, said Radsick, “as different as day and night”.

“I’m crazy and she’s loose so it fits well,” said Radsick. “We’re compatible, so it worked well.”

Sharon Radsick is holding the US map she filled with magnets when she visited every state.  Through her travels, she has gained a deep appreciation for the diversity of America and its people.

Radsick also traveled outside of the US, visiting Ireland, Italy and Spain. Though world conditions are likely to keep her in the states for some time, she agrees. Visiting every state has not dampened her American wanderlust. She and Molyet plan to continue traveling together, possibly with a new focus.

Appreciate America better

“We tried to include national parks in our travels. We can concentrate on that, ”said Radsick. “But Cassie gets to choose the next trip, so it might be a real surprise.”

Wherever they go, Radsick is likely to return with an even greater esteem for America.

“I think you only understand how beautiful our country is when you visit the different places. You meet people and try different foods and the landscape is so different. You can go from freezing cold to sunshine in no time, ”she said. “When I think of the things that I have to do, it’s incredible.”

Traveling made Radsick’s world a little bigger and more beautiful.

“I’ve found people to be so nice and helpful,” she said. “Traveling lifts the mood and lets you see that there is good everywhere in the world.”

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