Risca mum-of-two Beth Ballam fundraising for psychological well being charity Thoughts

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Beth Ballam from Risca hopes to get £ 5,000 for Min. to collect

Ten years ago, in July 2011, 23-year-old Beth Ballam received a message that “absolutely broke” her.

Beth from Risca was told that her father died of a “catastrophic” brain aneurysm.

“That’s the word the doctor reminds me of – ‘catastrophic’. It absolutely broke me, ”she said.

“I was and still am such a daddy girl. I really wonder how I survived the last ten years without him. “

33-year-old mother of two, Beth, remembers her experience and has decided to raise funds for others who are going through difficult times.

She will be hosting a series of fundraisers and challenges over the next year with the aim of raising £ 5,000 for the Mind Mental Health Charity.

So far, Beth has raised over £ 600.

“I’ve been fortunate to have incredible support from friends and family who have helped me during this challenging time, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a support network,” said Beth.

“In times like these, services like Mind are invaluable in helping people affected by grief, loneliness, depression and more overcome their challenges.”

Beth started fundraising in March of this year and wants to face a different challenge each month through March next year.

So far, Beth has completed a virtual 10k race, squats 3,295 times in April and run the Chepstow Racecourse Virtual 10k in May.

Beth Ballam runs to raise money for the Mind charityBeth, mother of two, runs to raise money for the Mind charity. to collect

In June of this year, Beth set a goal of running 100 km over the course of the month. Although she had sinusitis halfway through, she was able to reach her destination by a day’s lead.

Beth will be running a raffle next month, with a quiz night the following month. The quiz night takes place in the Darran Pub in Risca, where she works.

In October, Beth will take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Further challenges and events are to be confirmed in the near future.

Beth thanked her family, friends, and work colleagues for their support, especially her husband, Neil, whom she “pulled out” with her.

Beth’s final challenge is next March, where she’ll shave her hair off.

She said: “With the pandemic and event cancellation, the funding of charities has been severely impacted, and many are faced with difficult decisions on how to provide the same level of service with fewer resources.

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“It is therefore important that I do everything in my power to support them during this difficult time, to help them continue their great work, and to keep this ministry going for all of the people who need their support. “

Beth added, “I also tragically lost a friend to suicide last year and can’t help but wonder how things could be different if he had turned to a ministry like Mind.

“I’ve spoken to many people who have used Mind over the years and they have told me how important it was to help them in their struggles. Although I have never personally used Mind’s services, I feel better knowing that the service is there for everyone. “

Beth said it was “nice to be able to speak openly about mental health” during her fundraiser.

To donate to Beth’s fundraiser, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/bethanballam

To follow Beth on her fundraising journey, visit m.facebook.com/bethsbuzzcutformind

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Beth Ballam

Beth Ballam

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