Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Workplace Opens New Health Heart for Staff

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office cut the ribbon on its brand new fitness center for its employees as part of an effort by the Law Enforcement Quality Work-Life Committee to “make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people.” [their] Employees ”, it says in a current press release.

The Quality Work-Life Committee worked with Savvy Health Solutions and together they helped design the center and found equipment for the staff. The center was funded by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Posse and donations from the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

“This center offers a positive opportunity to reduce stress and improve overall health, which results in employees being better able to withstand the mental and physical rigors of law enforcement,” Sheriff Bill Brown said in the press release. “This fitness center is conveniently located in our main prison and has 24-hour access for all staff.”

In addition, Sheriff Brown thanked Deputy Senior Custody Tariq Falfal for playing a key role in making this fitness center a reality.

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