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In recent months, emotional burnout among young people has increased significantly due to the home office regime. The increasing workload, extended screen time, and lack of “me” time have challenged many. While mindfulness and practices like meditation have been widely advocated, there are other ways to spread positivity, such as redesigning their home workplaces.

Our environment, experts say, affects our behavior and mood. And a messy desk represents a cluttered mind. “During the pandemic, most of us were forced to work from home, which came with challenges of our own. However, studies have found that people with cleaner environments adapted better to this change and were significantly more productive, ”says Arouba Kabir, a mental health advisor. “An organized desk means less distraction, which in turn means better focus and productivity. It gives you a sense of calm and helps you take control of the day and keep anxiety and stress at bay, ”adds Kabir.

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If you’re looking for a workplace renovation, here are some simple, sustainable tips and tricks.

Select multipurpose furniture: when we enter work mode there is a call for a truce between functional and aesthetic attributes of the room. And a multi-purpose table with practical drawers is a workaholic’s dream! Make a statement with an ergonomic chair and bring the entire work environment closer to natural light inclusions.

Curate a “me time” corner: extensive rooms invite you to experiment with aesthetics. A quiet reading nook with a modest chair or comfortable couch can brew energy in an otherwise quiet space. Introduce some interesting partitions that promise privacy while also making great backgrounds for task lists and diagrams.

Think smart: if you have wall shelves above your workspace filled with books, try rearranging them. In addition to correctly stacking the books, place a few mini pots, figurines, lamps or candle holders to give the shelf character. You can also color-match the books and accessories to give it a chic finish.

Shelves can be redesigned by placing candlesticks and figurines.

Find out what inspires you: think of that one line that cheers you up or motivates you to do your best. It could be something you read or some wisdom from your parents. You can either make a collage of quotes in a picture frame, or you can just select a quote or two and hang it in front of you.

Keep an eye on your achievements: dedicate a number to the series of medals and awards you have won, because nothing can be more encouraging than looking back on your awards. Alternatively, you can also frame your favorite family picture in plain metal or finely cut wood. Interesting textures made of wood and brushed metal can help you break free from the monotony of stereotypical work environments.

Pots of positivity: Replace the mustiness of piled-up office supplies with aromatic bonsai and air plants to further optimize the ambience with moisture balance and stress-relieving properties. You can either put fresh lavender and roses in small flower pots on your desk or place an open brass plate on top of the shelf and sprinkle some jasmine flowers with water.

Input from interior designer Punam Kalra and interior consultant Palash Agrawal

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