Stroller sweat sesh: Exercise class brings friendship and health to mothers

Not only can moms get their bodies moving, they can keep babies busy too!

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – Mommies, pull out the strollers, buckle up the babies, and put on the workout gear because it’s time for some fitness!

At Lakeshore Park, you might have seen dozens of mothers gather to work up a sweat with their little ones in tow.

It’s an exercise program called Fit4Mom which Robyn Wendel introduced to the Knoxville area in May. Wendel was previously part of the group in San Antonio and saw a need when they moved to Tennessee.

“We have modifications that are suitable for all stages of motherhood. So we have pregnant mothers in the ninth month to several years after giving birth who are very fit,” said Wendel.

For the past few months she has hosted “Stroller Strides,” which focus on cardio and strength training.

Last week she also introduced a new “Stroller Barre” class that combines yoga, pilates, and core strength using resistance bands and balls.

The best thing about training? Not only can moms get their bodies moving, they can keep babies busy too!

“So we always have bladders, we make movements right in front of the stroller, where we tickle our toes, where we sing songs they know while we work our weights and do our cardio workouts. We’re breathless. So it keeps them busy too.” while mom can move her body, “said Wendel.

The group provides a safe environment for mothers who need flexibility.

“Once in a while [the kids] They cry. Sometimes they’re happy, but we’re all mothers we all understand. Sometimes it is our child who throws the fit into the stroller. It’s a judgment free zone where if you need to get out and groom, you can do so. If you have to give them a snack that has tons of sugar in it, you will not be judged. We just have to get out there, be together and move our bodies, “she said.

Many of the group members are new to town and open doors to friendship.

“We all have different backgrounds. Many of us come from all over the country. But we get together and we have this bond of motherhood and sometimes mothers show up and it’s like, ‘Yeah, I didn’t sleep much last night’ and the mother next to us said, ‘Neither did I’ but we’re here ! So I found that regardless of your background, no matter where you are from, we are all mothers, we come together, we have a desire to raise our children as well as possible. It’s so much more than just fitness. It’s the mother community, “said Wendel.

Two classes are currently offered: Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre. Each class costs $ 15. Class groups rotate through various parks in Knoxville. You can see their current schedule here.

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