Sure To Has Been Main The Clear Magnificence Motion For 25 Years

Yes To is a leading natural skin care brand with an ongoing commitment to clean beauty.


Yes To was founded in 2006 and has been a global leader in natural skin care products for 25 years. It can be found in over 20,000 stores worldwide, from Target and Walmart to mom and pop stores. The company has raised $ 66 million in funding to date. In addition, it recently stepped up its commitment to sustainability.

The brand offers straightforward fruit and vegetable-based products made from tomatoes, grapefruit, cucumber, watermelon, avocado and tea tree. All Yes To products are made from at least 95% natural ingredients before water and, apart from synthetic fragrances, meet the strictest standards for clean beauty. Like beauty counter, Yes To respects ingredients banned in the EU, Canada and Japan, with a “No List” of over 2,000 items. 90% of the products are vegan and none of them use plastic microspheres. Sunscreens are reef safe and environmentally friendly, and the wipes are compostable. Yes To is also Leaping Bunny certified.

Maggie Carey is the CEO of Yes To.

Yes to

Maggie Carey has been CEO of Yes To since December 2019. “A few things have happened since we launched Yes To,” she says. “There is now a plethora of skincare and ingredient information to look out for, which has increased shoppers’ Beauty IQ. Consumers, brands and retailers are becoming increasingly educated about ingredients and what should be avoided. The effect of this is an explosion of “natural” or “clean” that has spread to all areas of beauty. Brands are very specific about how they must formulate and communicate products in order to include them in a buyer’s deliberations. Combined with the rise of ‘skinfluencers’ as a source of information for many, it is not surprising that this area is growing exponentially. “

Although these changes have happened in recent years, Carey says, Yes To “spoke of ‘clean’ before ‘clean’ was even a concept. We stay perfectly positioned in a space that’s in our DNA. ”In addition to being natural, Yes To is widely available and affordable, with 75% of products selling for under $ 10. The brand also stands out from the competition in terms of transparency. While many companies refer to their products as “natural and clean,” Yes To fully discloses all 300+ ingredients used in its formulas.

Yes To products are almost entirely natural, vegan, and cost under $ 10.

Yes to

When she took office as CEO, Carey used the first quarter of 2020 to analyze Yes To as a brand and the changing needs of consumers in skin care. That research caused the company to reevaluate its brand positioning and portfolio – and get rid of many products. They saw a surge in interest in the second quarter of 2020 as people under the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown brought self-care into their homes. The brand sold over 100% more online than in 2019 and 20 to 40% more in-store. Face masks – from paper masks, bubble masks, and peel-off masks to under-eye masks – were completely sold out. Yes Headquarters in Pasadena, California offered to donate facial soothing products to medical workers in the area.

Carey says she lived and traveled the world in Puerto Rico for three years, which sparked her interest in sustainability. “It is eye-opening to see firsthand what impact misuse of the environment can have on air and water quality and how other countries use less and think differently about consumption,” she says.

Carey offers this advice to aspiring changemakers. “Follow your instincts. It took me years to figure out what kind of work I’m good at, what kind of work gives me personal satisfaction, and what kind of work fits my general goals in life. Part of this journey has been to to listen to my “inner voice in the middle of the night.” When I do what I love, this voice wakes me up with ideas on how I could do things differently or better, when I play in a role that is not a good fit this voice really open to the need for change. “

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