Sushil Kumar seeks high-protein food regimen & dietary supplements in jail; information plea amid homicide cost

Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar, who is serving 9 days in jail for the murder of 23-year-old wrestler Sagar Rana during a brawl in Chhatrasal Stadium, has filed an application with Rohini Court in Delhi for high-protein food along with dietary supplements. accessed by Atul Krishnan from the Republic. A Delhi court on 3 June dismissed a plea by the Delhi police that Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar was in custody for three days and sent him to a nine-day prison term. Wrestler Sushil Kumar is charged with murder, culpable homicide and kidnapping.

Sushil Kumar’s attorney is postponing high protein diet application

Wrestler’s attorney Sushil Kumar filed a motion with the Rohini Court on Saturday to allow the wrestler a high protein diet along with nutritional supplements until he is jailed. According to the application submitted by Team Sushil Kumar, Sushil Kumar is the only Indian to have won two consecutive Olympic medals in individual sport for the country. He won bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and silver at the London 2012 Olympics. Sushil Kumar’s success story is not just limited to the Olympics, he has also won 3 gold medals in a row at Commonwealth Games. Sushil is also a recipient of the Padma Shri for its excellent contribution to making the country consistently proud on an international level.

“The wrong implication should not lead to the end of his career and in order to continue his career, he seeks permission from this court for special foods and dietary supplements,” added Sushil Kumar’s motion.

Wrestlers Sushil Kumar’s Diet

The motion filed with the Delhi court outlines Sushil Kumar’s diet and asks the court for permission for specific foods and dietary supplements. As per the application, Sushil Kumar consumes dietary supplements such as Isolate Whey Protein, Omega-3 Capsules, Joint Capsules, Pre-Workout C4 and Hyde, Multivitamin GNC, Exercise Bands, etc. The application also states that it is necessary for Sushil to be a wrestler, Kumar to take a special nutritional diet. “Denial of this basic requirement will have a big career impact,” said Sushil Kumar.

Application supplements from Republic to Scribd

Sagar Rana murder case

Sources said an argument broke out between wrestlers at Chhatrasal Stadium on the night of May 4-5, which quickly escalated after someone in the group fired shots. The injured wrestlers had to be taken to the Trauma Center, Civil Lines, where one of the wrestlers, former junior national champion Sagar Rana, succumbed to his injuries. Days later, 24-year-old Prince Dalal from Jhajjar Haryana was arrested with double-barreled rifles in the case. Sonu Mahal, another defendant, is touted as a close associate of the gangster Kala Jathedi. Sushil Kumar was also named in the crime and the authorities formed several teams to catch him. However, Kumar denied his involvement, claiming that those involved were not his wrestlers.

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