Take pleasure in the great thing about the season | Hints from Heloise

Today’s Sound Off is about the vacation crush:

Dear Heloise, I know that Black Friday is not here yet. However, with the supply chain currently slowing down, people are eager to get their Christmas shopping sooner than usual. I understand, but last weekend I saw two women out shopping and fighting over a toy. It was the last of its kind, and they both claimed they saw it first. There was a scream. Is that the holiday mood?

Christmas and Thanksgiving are more than receiving gifts and eating a big meal. It’s not even why so many people celebrate the holidays. I was shocked and saddened by this display of greed. I wish everyone would just calm down and enjoy the beauty of the season and the chance to be with our loved ones. After all, this is a very special time of year that people all over the world share.

– Joseph F., Buffalo, NY

Brief information

Here are some additional uses for sand:

– Use instead of salt on sidewalks and stairs.

– Wipe up spilled liquid with sand.

– Put some in a paper bag and put a votive candle inside.

– Use for thinning clay soil when planting.

Odor in the washing machine

Dear Heloise, my washing machine used to smell terrible. When a mechanic was here, he told me to keep the washing machine door (front loader) slightly open so I wouldn’t have any odor in my washing machine. In fact, he was right. I put an old tea towel between the door and the washing machine to allow the air to circulate inside. No more smell.

– Tracy L., Shawnee, Oklahoma

Button control

Dear Heloise: My friends and I have keys to each other’s houses and condominiums. This is in case we need to help our friend or bring something back to him. After a while it got very confusing which key belonged to which apartment! We solved this problem by making new keys either in different colors or with a picture on them. That makes it easier because I know a person loves pink and their key is pink. Another loves dogs and she has a dog on the key. No more fumbling in an emergency!

– Jean W., Jackson, Mississippi


Dear Heloise: For fur coats, maybe your mother’s, find a sewing expert and have them made into a teddy bear for you. That way, you will always have a keepsake and a loving memory of the person who previously owned the coat.

– Lynn C., Fort Wayne, Indian

Lynn, if the coat has gone out of style, or has been heavily worn by a previous owner, or the new owner is not wearing animal skins, this is a lovely way to keep memories of the item.

– Heloise

No money, no problem

Dear Heloise, I just can’t afford to look good. How do I update a wardrobe?

– Sandy T., Fresno, California

Sandy, lots of models buy vintage and thrift stores. It depends on how you put your look together. Be original and creative. Always negotiate for a lower price.

– Heloise

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