Thalia confirmed off her magnificence in a swimsuit and conquered her followers

Mexican actress and singer next He’s a month away from 50, but he “looks 30” as his fans claim on social networks. She is the Latin American artist of undeniable beauty, and her face looks like that of the 90s when she starred in “The Trilogy of Marys: Maria Mercedes, Marimar and Maria La del Barrio”.

Although the music star is from Mexico City, she currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA with her husband, an American businessman. Tommy Mottola and his two sons. The 71-year-old Mughal is originally from the Bronx, New York.

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Therefore Next Celebrate July 4th like a real American. another year, United States Independence Day. This day marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, in which the country announced its formal separation from the British Empire.

Source: Instagramthalia

Happy 4th of Julyand ‘I’m cleaning the pool in preparation for the party ???? How are you going to spend it? Who is going to have a barbecue? Happy Fourth of July! ??????? It was the cute lyrics that Mojito’s translator chose to celebrate the day. In addition, she wore the original blue, red and white swimsuit with gold stars that mimicked the American flag.

Next He made three posts with multiple illustrations in his own pool that day, swept the bottom and also enjoyed a rainbow inflatable boat ride. Thousands of likes and comments flooded the Mexican girl’s cam network. “50 years ??? looks like 30 ??? was just one of hundreds of messages of support and love that he received.

Source: Instagramthalia

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