The Greatest Self-Care Habits That Enhance Your Immunity, Consultants Say — Eat This Not That

Self-care and your immune system go hand in hand. Good habits that keep your mind healthy – as we often perceive self-care – can also keep your body healthy. With immunity being so capitalized right now, it only makes sense that we should look for more ways to keep ourselves sane from the inside out.

Experts say that self-care and healthy habits are really the best way to take care of yourself. “There are several products that market themselves as ‘immune boosting’, but the science behind these products is not enough to support any of them,” said Scott Kaiser, MD, geriatrician and director of geriatric cognitive health for the Pacific Neuroscience Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. “The best and most effective way to protect yourself from viral illnesses (including the common cold, flu, and coronavirus) is to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Read on to find out how you can boost your own immune system with some simple self-care habits that you can practice every day. And for more, check out 3 Major Secrets to Living to 99, According to Betty White.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a regular exercise program has an all-round positive effect on the body. “Exercise is shown to be beneficial for immune system health and improve blood circulation, which can also help the body’s immune system work more effectively,” says Dr. Emperor.

If you are concerned about spending money on equipment or a gym membership, you can rest easy. “There is a lot of exercise to get creative with in the comfort and safety of your own home,” says Mayra Mendez, PhD, LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist and program coordinator in mental and developmental disorders and mental health services at Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center in Santa Monica. She suggests just walking up and down the stairs or just walking around outside or inside.

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Just going outside for a few minutes a day can have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. , “Studies have linked the vitamin D you get from a healthy walk in the sun and many other factors to a healthy immune system,” says Dr. Emperor.

And Dr. Mendez supports the idea of ​​enjoying things you are passionate about, like listening to music and enjoying the sun, and notes that at their core they are a great method of self-care.

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Not only is it fun to talk to friends and family and get involved in social activities, it can actually be good for your body and mind.

“The effects of social isolation are enormous, and a subjective sense of loneliness has proven to be just as dangerous to the body as smoking,” says Dr. Emperor. By spending time with loved ones, you give yourself the boost of happiness that can help your attitude and your brain.

“The exchange of thoughts and experiences with other people you trust is a confirmation and offers an easy and free way to care for yourself,” adds Dr. Mendez added.

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You already know that sleep is a crucial part of your health. People need different amounts of sleep at different times in their lives, but a full night’s sleep generally lasts seven to nine hours for adults.

Not only do you need enough hours, you also need good sleep hygiene. That means you can get a good night’s rest every night on a set schedule.

Dr. Kaiser notes that poor sleep is linked to many health problems, including dementia and other cognitive problems. Also, if you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t have enough time to repair itself and prepare for the new day.


Meditation can help you find your zen, but most importantly, it can help you manage your daily stresses. “Stress has been linked to inflammation, which weakens the immune system, makes us susceptible to infection, and puts a strain on mental and physical health,” says Dr. Emperor.

With just a few minutes of meditation a day, you can help slow your mind down and wash away some of the day’s annoyances. “Breathing exercises such as practicing abdominal breathing only take a few seconds and create an incredible feeling of calm in the body,” adds Dr. Mendez added.

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healthy plateShutterstock

If healthy eating doesn’t sound like self-care, then think differently. Perhaps you will teach yourself to cook to make the meal feel more rewarding. Perhaps you are challenging yourself to try new healthy recipes. If you absolutely hate cooking, you might find a way to make healthy eating a pleasure by finding new healthy restaurants in your neighborhood, for example.

“When you eat to boost your immune system, you can aim to include foods high in certain vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and vitamin C, which are linked to healthy immune function,” says Dr. Emperor.

Here is a whole list of popular foods that can boost your immune system.

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