The Sudden Draw back To Detox Diets That No person Talks About, In accordance To Docs

If you believe that following a detox diet is one of the only ways to actually see significant changes in your body and on the scale, you would not be alone. The diet industry has created an unhealthy mindset around losing weight, and while the true definition of detoxing is removing toxic substances from the body, it has come to take on another meaning of flushing the body of fat and revealing a skinnier, ‘healthier’ version beneath.

However, not only are they largely unnecessary, but detox diets can actually pose a number of health concerns to your body when followed over a longer period of time, and it’s worth drawing attention to the potential danger you could be putting yourself in by following one .

We spoke with Daily Harvest’s Nutritionist Jenn LaVardera, MS, RD, CDN for her input on the truth about detox diets so you can go about losing weight or improving your wellness in a healthier way.

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Detox diets are largely touted for ridding the body of toxins and claiming to eliminate bloating and excess water weight while simultaneously allowing for an increase in digestive function. Typically followed after times when you’ve ‘cheated’ on your diet and need to reset your body, detox diets create the unhealthy idea that you need to drastically cut back on the foods you consume in order to somehow make up for not following your ideal diet

“They typically start off with a period of fasting followed by a period of eating a limited amount of food,” explains LaVardera. “Some “detox diets” are liquid and only include juices, teas, broths, and other beverages—no solid food at all. Other versions may include limited solid foods, mostly fruits and vegetables, and sometimes other whole foods like nuts and seeds. ”

Although detox diets are not meant to span a long period of time, the negative impact they can have on the body in that short window are noteworthy, and LaVardera even emphasizes that the supposed benefits of this diet has very little research backing it up. Not only are you dramatically depriving your body of necessary nutrients from a balanced diet when you follow a cleanse, but they can also leave you low in energy and end up damaging your intestines or digestive capabilities long term.

“They are usually very low in calories, which can leave you feeling sluggish,” notes LaVardera, adding “[Detox diets] may include teas and supplements that have a laxative effect, which can be dangerous when not used appropriately. They can [also] lead to disordered eating and negative thoughts around food.”


Another potential downside of detox diets is the inclination to make them a longer term solution if you start to see changes in your body. You will naturally start to look different when you deprive yourself of calories needed to fuel your day and give you energy, but while detoxification processes are meant to be followed for a short period of time, extending their usage can be even worse.

“Going a prolonged period of time without getting proper nutrition can have lasting effects and may lead to a nutrient deficiency. Programs that include supplements (often laxatives) can lead to electrolyte imbalances and dehydration,” notes LaVardera. In reality, it’s unlikely your body actually needs to be detoxified at all, and simply following a healthy and balanced diet will be enough to improve your digestion and overall well being.

Your body is perfectly capable of doing a natural detox on its own without the help of a diet based entirely on removing food and nutrients from your life. “The body can remove toxins on its own through sweat, urine, feces, and organs including the liver and kidneys. We don’t need to follow any super restrictive diets that claim to detox us, but we can eat specific foods and develop habits that support the body’s natural detoxification systems,” explains LaVardera.

Although oftentimes these diets make large claims about completely transforming your body, simply following a healthy diet and exercise plan will ultimately net you more positive results, although it may take slightly longer to see the changes. Anything worth achieving within your body won’t happen overnight, and detox diets are not a valuable addition to your arsenal for improving your health.

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