This Sudden Complement Can Enhance Your Intestine Well being, Says Dietitian

When it comes to your gut, it is imperative that you treat it properly as it can have a direct impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. The processes that your gut microbiome (also known as the microorganisms that inhabit your gut) perform is believed to affect various diseases, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even autism.

However, research shows that feeding your gut healthy foods, including probiotics and prebiotics, and avoiding processed foods as much as possible is one way to take control of promoting and maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria. But sometimes we could use a little extra support, which is why your doctor or registered dietitian may recommend taking a dietary supplement.

What you might expect to hear is a probiotic or a dietary supplement that contains digestive enzymes. However, Mia Syn, MS, RDN says that taking cow colostrum supplements can also be worth considering.

What is colostrum?

Syn, who is also a nutritionist for PanTheryx, an inclusive digestive and immune health company, explains that colostrum is the first milk substance produced by all mothers after giving birth. It contains “a comprehensive source of protective proteins, immune and growth factors and prebiotics”.

Colostrum helps activate a newborn’s immune system, stimulate important digestive functions and lay the foundation for a healthy intestinal microbiome in the first days of life, says Syn.

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“Just as women produce high quality colostrum after giving birth, cows also produce colostrum after giving birth to their calves,” she says. “The health benefits of cow colostrum have been studied for decades and for several areas of human health, including immunity, gut health, digestive health, and athletic performance.”

For children over 1 year of age who are no longer breastfeeding, Syn recommends taking cow colostrum with a dietary supplement.

Wait, can adults benefit from colostrum too?

According to Syn, there are more than 6,000 published studies on the benefits of cow colostrum on human health, including adults.

“While colostrum has long been known to be essential for a newborn baby, research has shown that colostrum from cows can play an important role in supporting the health of people of all ages,” she adds.

Currently, scientific research suggests ingesting 400 milligrams of colostrum to achieve levels effective to support your immune system and digestive health. Colostrum can not only support your immune and digestive systems, but also your upper respiratory tract, according to a 2016 study.

“Clinical studies have shown that cow colostrum is very similar to human colostrum in terms of the composition of its components,” says Syn. “Because they contain so many of the same components, so is the way they work in the body , very similar.”

Syn shares a few examples of the types of benefits the supplement offers:

  • Protective proteins: Support your body’s natural defenses so that it can recognize and fend off foreign intruders.
  • Immune factors: Help support a balanced and healthy immune response.
  • Prebiotics: Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and thus contribute to the creation of a balanced and healthy microbiome.
  • Growth factors: Support the intestinal’s natural repair process and strengthen the intestinal’s protective covering.

However, the age group who could benefit most from these supplements are children over one year old. Syn suggests three brands: Life’s First Naturals, Symbiotics Colostrum Capsules and Upspring Probiotic + Colostrum.

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