UK well being officers backtrack on US Covid isolation comparability | Coronavirus

Health officials have made it clear that the recommended Covid self-isolation time in the US is shorter than the UK, at a time the Prime Minister is considering reducing it to five days.

The UK Health Authority (UKHSA) previously said the isolation time was the same in both countries. It states that the recommended minimum of six full days in the UK was counted from the onset of symptoms, while in the US, five-day isolation began from the day of a positive test, which could be several days after the onset of symptoms.

However, the UKHSA has updated its blog post to read: “In the UK, we recommend self-isolating for at least six full days, whichever comes first, from the time you have symptoms or get a positive test entry.”

It goes on to say, “In the United States, it is recommended that you isolate yourself for at least five full days from the same point in time.”

The blog post concludes, “We believe that the best approach right now is to let people self-isolate after two negative lateral flow tests on days six and seven. This supports people who are unlikely to be contagious to return to work and resume other activities, but it continues to protect the wider population from infection.